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  1. Thank you for your quick reply! I will send another. I used this site and got help (Tayen 2) for my partner's court correspondence previously. (Different account as he was trying to do it himself and it was linked to his e-mail address but he is not so good on computers.) For this one, my Low ell one, I just read posts and followed advice and stickys that you had said many times to people. Thanks again! Hope you have a good evening.
  2. Good Evening, I received a letter today dating the 18th of May from the court, saying that: "I am sorry to let you know that when preparing the file, your Directions Questionnaire could not be found." To ensure that the case progress in a timely manner, I would like you to provide a copy of the above document within 14 days of this letter to the relevant court. If we don't hear from you within this time, the case may be referred to a district Judge for further directions". This was from an old Lowell case, which I entered my defence using information and help from this forum back in Dec 2019. On the 12th May 2021 they have now sent a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings. Then today I got the letter quoted above. I have searched this forum but have not found anything that mentions the courts losing Directions Questionnaires. Due to there only being a few days left on the 14 day date of the letter, I am assuming that I just fill in a new Directions Questionnaire? (They did staple one to the letter). Also, if I should just re-fill one in, do I still need to send a copy to Lowell ? Thank you for taking the time to read this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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