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  1. Stupidly, I had acknowledged the debt in my complaints in 2017, so extended the timeframe unfortunately. Really keen to avoid a CCJ, so just for awareness, when a letter of claim lands do I advise them I have no assets (house, car, savings) and hope they don’t pursue? If it ends up in court and the agree a payment plan in court, is that classed as a CCJ?
  2. Hello, I’d posted here before a few years ago and just want to check in for reassurance. I’d left Aus in 2016 and had been getting harassed by Credit Corp but they stopped for a few years after I’d filed a number of complaints with regulators. They’ve started back up again and on advice of the forum, I’ve given them my address to stop a back door CCJ and requested no other means of contact to be used. However, I just got a balance statement through and the debt has had $7k added to it!! Heart is pounding, just checking if it’s still a case of ignoring unless a letter of claim comes through? Thanks for any help
  3. Not yet at the SD stage, still with CC who haven’t emailed for a few weeks after I said I had no means to pay. Had you spoke to SD or just ignored the letters?
  4. I wish they would come back with more updates on these
  5. So that’s them back again after the complaint route ran dry. The $10k debt is now $14k but they’re willing to cap at $8k. You just know they’ll have only paid about $2k for it! I’m in my 3rd year at uni and still working part time, money’s so tight I don’t have anything I could pay. Take it I’ll just be riding it out till it goes to Steven Drake?
  6. No, I complained that I couldn't repay the debt and the agents methods to recover them?
  7. So the CIO have came back with an agreement of $75 a fortnight. Waaay more than I can afford! They never addressed the issue of CC's debt recovery agents behaviour either
  8. Hello, Just an update. Haven't heard from Credit Corp since lodging the complaints. ASIC and CIO have came back asking for more info about the complaint/my finances so have sent those back
  9. The CIO have just acknowledged my complaint and told them to suspend action in the meantime so that's given me some breathing space at least.
  10. Thanks so much Krios. If it was a legit company, I'd actually set up an arrangement but I've seen the people on here that've paid instalments and had no record of it and the balance go up with charges etc. Feel like I'd be paying into a black hole. I've been careful not to give them my home address. They requested bank statements etc to assess my income and expenditure but I'm not doing that for the very reason that it has my address on statements. That's me also sent a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner detailing all of the breaches.
  11. Hello! Thank you so much! I was living in Sydney when I took the card out and was only in NSW/QLD/VIC. I've advised them I only want correspondence via email and the complaint I sent (which outlined 29 ACCC regulations and how each individual one was breached) that they shrugged off, I've escalated to ACCC, ASIC, CIO and Econsumer but I will also submit to the privacy commissioner. I've advised them I'm not going to be in contact until I at least have my complaint looked at by these organisations. It's really weighing on my mind. I took this out expecting a much higher tax/super rebate to clear it but received WAY less that I realistically anticipated, which went on living costs in the UK until I got back into work. Now I'm a student working part time, I don't have the means to support myself let alone this. If I had the money, I'd pay it. I'd much rather that than the sleepless nights. Your posts have really helped put my mind at ease though, can't thank you enough. @unclebulgaria Btw they are in such a massive credit bubble there, I dread to think when it bursts. I'd been in the country six months and just had a temp job and six months left on my visa. Provided my bank statements and visa, they gave me a $10k credit card that had an expiry date dated until the month my visa expired - crazy.
  12. I see, I don't have any assets and live off a part time income whilst at uni. I've emailed all the ombudsmans that would listen and emailed the agent back saying I want to await their response first and to not contact me by phone again, only by email.
  13. Out of interest, if this goes down the route of them instructing a UK solicitor and they issue a court order and I contest on the grounds of no jurisdiction - would it still be a CCJ on my part?
  14. The thing is, I work in finance so I can be under investigation for poor integrity if they deem I've not paid. That's the only thing they hold over me, contacting me at work if I ignore them. Is it overkill and a waste of time to escalate me complaint to ACCC, ASIC, CIO and Econsumer?
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