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  1. I did get two text messages. 1) I got a written pap and I sent a written standard pap reply 2) Then I got the first text asking to contact them. It quoted a ref number that checked out. Ignored. 3) The second text came just last week, with a different ref number that was not the one on their written pap or 1st text. Ignored and blocked. Just worried about that second text as it has a different ref number that I don't recognise.
  2. No i had a written PAP which I replied to in writing using the standard pap reply. No reply to that yet. But the last text msg quoted a different, older reference number to the one in the pap..
  3. Texts blocked after the second text, and my only contact was your standard pap-reply via the post. I am worried though that something in the mail has been missed.
  4. Dear Mr X Please contact Moriarty law on xxx quoting ref xxxx Its the 2nd text msg I've had, the first one had the right ref number, which I 'pap replied' to
  5. I may have missed a letter/letters. I got a Moriarty text message referring to a different reference number than from the PAP I already replied to. Should I also 'Pap-reply' to this reference number just in case? They may be trying to backdoor CCJ me. I have received nothing in the mail, but then my mail does go 'missing' a lot from my flat's shared mailbox.
  6. What happens if you have not received a pap? My mail is from a shared mailbox and is often 'missing'. I have seen a text message relating to another reference number. There is nothing in writing though.
  7. OK replied to ML's PAP, because as you said you can't ignore them. I will update you with whatever they come back with.
  8. This firm are now in the bargaining stage where they hawk respondent's details around in the hope of persuading one of their 'clients' to launch an action.
  9. Here we go. ML PAP located. My reasons to dispute are many though, so if I just put no documentation provided as the reason I am not prejudicing anything. Scanning 2 docs into 1 is tricky but will upload asap.
  10. 37: FWIW I hear now CWD/IRDWW etc have all but been dumped by most of the UAE banks and have now directly employed the likes of moriarty solicitors to issue PAP LOC's abiding by UK rules. that'll be fun...moriarty never turn up in court anyway. Dx you are a star but 37 is a big call
  11. Hands will be sat on. Letters will be uploaded. Thank you for the support and assistance.
  12. OK will take stock, see where we are with the letters. If I can find that they have gone PAP I will send the pro-forma letter in 5. Will update in morning, I am sure I am missing some mail. What if I don't have a PAp that they've issued?
  13. I've read these threads till my eyes water. Can some kind sould please sticky a step by step guide in here? Do I engage with the ambulance chasers or go direct to the source? I don't know if I'll get very far but I'll give it a go & keep you all up.
  14. My turn. I had to leave the UAE quickly after a changeover of ownership at my firm a few years back. Told by my HR and the card co's my loan and card was insured, of course when I tried to activate this from the UK on gardening leave I was told I had to be in the UAE. No chance. I'm not in good health & very recently moved in temporarily with extended family. Letters go to my old flat. They are asking for the usual eye-watering amounts, insane multiples of the original debt from a few years ago. There have been a burst of letters to that old
  15. Yes, that's them. they do charge a flat fee and claim to settlethe original debt at a discount questions: 1-if the Uk chasers are after it you have to go through them and 2- can you deduct interest? that would be interesting.
  16. Yeah, they told me they would settle a proportion of the original debt, which doesn't suck. there are 2 chasing firms currently feasting on me, I don't want to lose my job. I shouls start my own thread, right?
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