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  1. Apologies Andyorch, I am not very good on the computer at the best of times. On that note my microsoft word will not respond to my laptop, so would they accept a written CCA through the post in response to their letter? Like you have advised ? Or would it be only a printed out letter i have to send... Any help would be much appreciated as i have no clue in what to do. Many thanks
  2. To slick, Apologies as i don't know what you mean by spacing's.. If you can explain to me then i can correct for you.
  3. Ok Thank you i shall take a look at this tomorrow and copy it out to send then if you think this what to do next in my circumstances. Thank you for helping me and appreciate if you could tell me what happens after this to your knowledge. Thank you
  4. Hi dx If that is the case then that is a good thing correct? the info i have for you is that i have not payed nothing on it for at least 5 yrs. Although i took the card out around 2006 i think. I lived in 4 different addresses whilst i had the card and was paying it. I have done the 30 day free experian credit search and it has no ccj's to date on there. But since i have moved to this house through a letting agent I have been having letters from Robinson way.. First ones were asking me if i was the name to this debt and then offering me to pay a certain amount off to now
  5. I am on experian now and it does not say nothing about this debt?...Just says .. You have no settled non-mail order credit accounts? And you are using 2 non mortgage credit accounts? hope that makes some sense to you?..
  6. Ok so that means i should contact them with the cca request under section 78? ...so i send that to robinson way ltd? Can you tell me what the procedure is after that if that is the case?..
  7. Hi and thank you for your response. I think i took the card out in 2006...So do i need to send them a cca request like stated by one of your colleagues? I'm sorry as i really don't know what i should do next and any advice would really help me.. Thanks
  8. I have just looked at my experian account on the credit score and it says i have no ccj's at present?..
  9. Do you mean who the client is on the letter? if so it is HPH2 LTD ( ex barclaycard )
  10. No Andy i have never contacted them... Did the free experian credit score and just shows my credit score at 317 very poor?..
  11. Hi Dx It was with Barclaycard but it is now with Robinson Way ltd. I last paid the minimum payment around 5 years ago. I am unsure what you mean by defaulted date from credit file? I have had a letter today and do not know what to do next to be honest..
  12. Hi Andy i just tried to click on the link but it says that i cannot post on there? Has my thread gone through and i just await a reply? Thank you for a quick response
  13. Hi there, I have just received a letter from Howard Cowen being requested by Robinson Way LTD. The letter is Notice of pending legal action. The debt i owe is £11,834a nd they are saying they want me to make a full payment within 14 days or if unable please contact our client's agent Robinson way to discuss an affordable payment plan. If i am unable to pay this account you must still contact our clients agent RW to discuss your options which may prevent legal action being taken. Failure to respond to this letter will result in legal proceedings being issued withou
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