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  1. It's honestly just that i told the manager on my way out that i should involve the police for them discriminating against a disabled child that's worrying me..he seemed like the type to go out if his way to upset people. So allday I sat shaking hoping the police wouldn't turn up.
  2. Yes but I did something wrong. In swapping the toy. Even though it was payed for in the end. Surely they will dismiss me because of that.
  3. I've considered it. But I dont need the hassle. I was going to ask to speak to head manager as I felt the guy I dealt with was on a power trip. Just feel sorry for my poor son who now can't enjoy his weekly trip to the onsite cafe (where the staff adore him) it's the only time we get to do something like that as he won't settle in any other cafe (needs to be familiar) and it took us a year to settle him visiting this one.
  4. Thank you. I understand the banning but the fact I wasn't told of it upsets me then called a liar infront of a shop full of people. Also the security guard (who supposedly banned me) only told me i shouldn't bring my disabled son in if he was going to cause problems. I find that offensive. I have found stores who will deliver the goods needed thank you. I shouldn't worry? When you say currently does that mean they may do something in the future even if I dont return to Store?
  5. Let me start with a little back story. My son is 3 and disabled I am his sole carer 24/7 without a break or sleep most if the time. I have no problem with this as he is my baby and i love him. But it gives context. About a month ago it was in Tesco shopping i did self scan and after half an hour of my son having a melt down because of the noise we finally got to the pay bit. I had just got my card out to pay when a security guard shot over and asked if I had paid for the £4 toy my son was holding. Now if you have ever experienced a meltdown you can understand
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