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  1. Hi Brainfogged - thanks for your reply My MP was the then minister for justice Rt Hon Simon Hughes. The CSA wrote to him two days before my 1st magistrates hearing to advise that the Magistrate had granted the liability order which therefore confirmed that the debt was due. In point of fact, when the hearing did take place, the hearing was adjourned. The point I am making is that it makes little odds whether you are a solicitor or a front bench serving minister, the CSA are a law unto themselves. My complaint is a watershed as it evidences that the CSA do act in bad faith and the appeal bodies that are supposed to hold them to account, tacitly turn a blind eye
  2. Hi - Just to give you a bit of background, I fell into dispute with the CSA (latterly CMEC) virtually from the off. My dispute has been running for 8 long years during which time the agency have served a deduction of earnings order, taken me to the magistrates Court 4 times, won a liability order from which the Agency began debt recovery in full which also included action to repossess my home. The agency then fought my appeal and lost, then fought the tribunal itself. In March 2013, the Agency lost the tribunal but by that time I had incurred £15,000 in legal fees. I went back to the Agency to ask that I be returned to the financial position I would have been in had it not been for the Agency's unlawful actions. In recognition of their admitted maladministration, the Agency offered £200 which included my legal fees. I have since raised an MP's complaint that led to the case being taken up by the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO). During 3 failed investigations I have incurred a further £35,000 and in that time I have acquired a subject access request (SAR) which evidenced that back in 2012, ahead of the 4th and final Magistrates hearing, the Agency knew their actions were unlawful, yet continued to pursue a debt from me that was never due. I have begun a blog which details my journey and I want this blog to change social policy and afford you, and others like you, the protection you deserve from a gov't dept that is dishonest and completely devoid of oversight and governance. I am unable to post the link until I have 10 post counts
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