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  1. Yes I had my obd ii reader on but only thing could really check is coolant temp, will be checking oil regularly. I have submitted a complaint on resolver and also sent complaint to there complaints department not heard anything yet. Thanks for your help aswell much appreciated
  2. Just got it back everything seems OK said take it back Sunday so can check coolant and oil levels the lad that done it this time seemed OK and sounded like he new what he was doing. Did tell me he does all the servicing but that day he was off and the lad who done it shouldn't of done it, probably just a tyre fitter. Hopefully all is well engine sounds good.
  3. True latest update was they were waiting on o rings and I can have my car back tomorrow. I hope it's OK
  4. Rang up today was still working on it said he fitted a new oil cooler and was waiting on seals to be dropped off, god knows what this would have cost at another garage like they wanted me to do most probably hundreds of pounds
  5. Hopefully I get a call tomorrow that it's done, I was refunded the oil change money so think I'll get it booked in for oil change at my local garage the one I would normally use and get him to check the work out for peace of mind.
  6. Yes there's no way way the valve would of come out unless pulled out obviously didn't know what he was doing. Drove past before and car was up in the air this was at 5 so I presume there changed complete oil filter housing just hope they don't balls it up
  7. Yes I'm pretty sure that's what he was trying to do because the first thing he said was we did tell you not to drive it I said you left me no option and that fortunately for me my girlfriend lives over the road . I told him I don't want it back until it's fully repaired . Hopefully kwik fit complaints ring me tomorrow because it was totally unacceptable
  8. I think he ment the filter had broken up he showed me it in pieces, I had an oil change late last summer so was not that long ago . The lad was young don't think he really knew what he was doing. Safe to say I won't be using kwik fit again.
  9. Hi just to let you know I went down to kwik fit had a word with the manager after a few words he agreed to fix it with no charge so hopefully will be fixed soon
  10. Didn't realize it was PDF format so converted sorry
  11. The pdf IMAG0015.pdf
  12. yes defiantly they have stressed me out put me in a position where ive had to and lucky enough to borrow my dads car in order to get to work Monday. I don't know how to upload the document I have it on computer as .jpeg because I sent it to kwik fit to complaints. can email if someone can link it to post?
  13. Yes I got a printed letter today about the problem can I upload it?
  14. Just checked the web site there open till 4 tomorrow so will get down there will let you know how I get on thank you.
  15. OK thanks I'm unable to get there until Thursday now as I'll be working. Will it matter or should I ring?
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