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  1. Agreed. He was not out of the uk for a full year therefore fills in tax return showing dubai income.
  2. Yes he was self employed He did have a contract but was responsible for his own tax That said you are right re being unable to claim for accommodation as confirmed today by HMRC so for that I thank you
  3. The loan was for accommodation (year in advance rent paid as is normal in Dubai) The job he had supplied accommodation for 1st month then he was responsible for finding his own . Surely therefore it is a business cost as if nowhere to live couldn't fulfil contract ?
  4. Hi I have posted previously re a debt my son has in Dubai He was self employed while out there for 5 months. We have now come to do his tax return and I would like to know if we can show this debt as a loss on the return. ? Thanks in advance. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?480103-dubai-debt-and-CWD
  5. Just a quick update. Son responded to CWD to say he would not be contesting any bankruptcy action. Not surprisingly have heard nothing more from them since Will let you know if anything changes Thanks all again for support / advice
  6. No honeybee I didn't I know as a newbie I cant send messages ... Can I receive them ?
  7. The UAE contract does not limit rights just to the Emirates. CDW sent us the contract which shows that You're right DX re scaring people The SD does initially look like they are taking it to court and even name the court giving us 18 days to have it set aside. as shown below Part A Appropriate Court for Setting Aside Demand Rule 10.4(4) of the Insolvency Rules 2016 states that the appropriate court is the court to which you would have to present your own bankruptcy petition in accordance with Rule 10.48 (1). In accordance with those rules on pr
  8. That wouldn't surprise me at all re the panic tactic I read that too re CCJ first Does seem a long winded way to reach the same conclusion Thankyou again for your advice
  9. Thankyou Uncle Bulgaria . I think bankruptcy is sadly the best option both for the short and long term future To have the possibility of this hanging over his head for possibly 20 years is an awful thought We will contact CDW as you advise I assume we just let the statutory demand run its course ?( we have been given 18 days to "set aside" )
  10. Hi My son worked in Dubai until losing his job in January this year. Like many others here he left the country rapidly due to bounced security cheque leaving behind a debt ( years rental loan) of approx. £11k His Dubai bank account had money left in it and direct debit continued to service loan until April He hoped he would get a job back here in Uk and continue paying it off Unfortunately soon after securing a job here he underwent life saving surgery and was on sick pay for 8 weeks His contract was terminated and obviously he could no longer afford payments during this t
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