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  1. Hi Andy, Yes have received N1 form and filled it in on time and sent back. The dates i placed here as i stated were not the correct dates but the same time scale. I believe the DCA started proceedings before actually giving me the 14 days to actually respond to them and that's why i was asking the question really. I am reticent to give too much details here but the debt is a credit card debt on an account opened before 2002. Shoo smiths were acting on behalf of Arrow Global, this is what is stated on the County Court Form. I have requested a CCA from both companies and sent the one pound fee but as of yet have not received any response to my letters and emails. Not sure what i should do next because i have not received any further information from the County Court either. They did respond to say the received my defense. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated. Many thanks Bobs
  2. Hi all I need some help please with a Debt Collecting Agency, (DCA) I recently received a letter from a DCA stating that if I did not contact them they would start Court proceedings against me for a debt. I believe that the DCA company did not give me enough time to answer to their letter they sent and that they have started proceedings without giving me a chance to answer or ask them questions about this debt. My question is simple does the DCA have to state when this 14 days begins, or is there a law that states that they must give five days for the letter to arrive in the post from the date of the letter that they send similar to the Court claim form? Here is the sample of the dates, don’t want to give precise details as I am concerned that these agencies follow these sites and use the information as part of their claim against individuals. But these dates are the same in length of notice time that I received. Working back on these dates seem to me to be unreasonable. Letter from DCA dated on 27/10/2016 (Must respond in 14 days) but this letter arrived on 2/11/2016 at my address. Claim form arrived on the 16/11/2016 but the Court Claim form had the date 14/11/2016 on it.
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