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  1. Thanks Just one more thing... They have sent the settlement payment by cheque, despite my status being non-resident and having no access to a UK bank account. I did ask if I could have the payment made by bank transfer, having a borderless account of sorts, but they said this wouldn't be possible as the cheque has already been sent/received. Am I in a position to request how I wish the payment to be made e.g. return of cheque/payment to a bank account? I would prefer to avoid the hassle of opening a new bank account solely for this one payment... I have kept the claim file
  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know they have agreed to pay me my full claim cost plus court fees. Looks like sending out the claim form did the trick
  3. That's Great So just to clarify, I don't need to select the option of sending detailed particulars direct to the defendant, as I'm not?
  4. I have written this draft in the claim summary section: "I wish to make a claim for a course deposit payment made to National Federation of Fish Friers on 10/03/2017 The payment amounted to a total cost of 458.00, paid via credit card and was used to reserve a course place for 04/12/17 to 06/12/2017. I informed the National Federation of Fish Friers of my intention to cancel my place on the course, citing my recent ill-health that would make it impossible to attend. National Federation of Fish Friers have refused to refund my course deposit, making refer
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply! I'm just having a little look at the claim online website, thinking about how to word my claim in the summary box. Would it be best to select 'If you wish, you may also send detailed particulars direct to the defendant. If you need to do this, please tick here'? And should I claim interest under the County Court Act? This is all new to me, but I am certainly not prepared to give up without a fight!
  6. Hi, Yes, they still failed to provide me with a full breakdown of their costs e.g. how they can justify not returning the 50% course deposit. I sent off the terms and conditions of the course, and also showed Barclaycard the company's refusal to provide me with a refund. Today, I received this response from Barclaycard: "Dear Mr Porter Thanks for your message. We have checked your account and noted that we received your documents on 16/07/17. On this occasion, in absence of documentary evidences substantiating that a refund is due, it is with reg
  7. Hey, I recently received the attached reply. I'm currenrly working out if i'm i'll be able to commit to court action, being abroad a lot, and i'm also discussing a Section 75 claim with Barclaycard. NFF Response.pdf
  8. Hey, I have sent the notice for potential court action, but I wanted to ask... If I decide to try for a Section 75, could I still proceed with court action if this fails? What would be the grounds for requesting this charge reversal... unfair terms and conditions? Thanks.
  9. Hey, These gesture of goodwill payments relate to payday loan (I know! I Know!) complaints I made around 2014/2015. All final responses issued to me stated they were unable to uphold my complaint, but offered a gesture of goodwill payment in full and final settlement of my complaint. As i've always been bitter over my experiences with these payday loan companies, I recently issued new complaints over unaffordable lending and so on. Instand Cash Loans (Money Shop, Payday Express, Payday UK) firstly tried to not investigate my complaints, and they also referenced the previous gesture o
  10. I thought as much... I might try a new complaint angle, or just harass them But I will give it a shot with the recent company that paid!
  11. Hey, I apologise if this does not belong in this particular sub forum! More than likely I can't do this, but if you've previously accepted a 'gesture of goodwill' payment to settle a complaint... can you actually turn around and say I no longer accept this as a settlement, return the payment to the creditor? Some of these payments made to me are now quite old, but I did accept a recent payment only a week or so ago... This was/is mainly connected to payday loan companies... as i've already raised the issue of unaffordable lending, continued borrowing etc and settled they won't i
  12. Considering everything you've told me, i'll weigh up the costs of the small claims court and go from there! If the company decided they were going to contect this in court, how much notice do you usually receive for a court attendance date? I'm often out of the country and don't want this to cause any issues. I really apprciate your help PS. This is completely irrelevant but you might be able to help... when you have previously accepted a 'gesture of goodwill' payment from a company, in regards to a previous complaint, can you actually change your mind and reject this e.g. retu
  13. @BankFodder; Hey, I received this response today: "Thank you for your email. As you can appreciate Terms and Conditions are a part of all company business and are set in place to outline what a person is agreeing to when they chose to buy a product. Our terms and conditions state that a 50% administration fee is charged should a course be cancelled. As this is something that you have chosen to do then unfortunately we have to follow the terms and conditions that we have in place. The training courses fill up very quickly and even though as you state your course
  14. Should I send an email asking for a detailed administrative cost breakdown? I'm absolutely positive there were no other terms and conditions related to this course, other than the agreement I have already shown. I'm a little hopeful, that a little persistance and annoyance might just help them cave in and refund me.
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