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  1. Today I can confirm that the £235 costs have been scrapped (Not the £75). Many thanks to you guys All I had to do was question who sent the letters for the Enforcement fee. 2 weeks ago I asked the bailiff for evidence of him coming round dropping the letter off. He bluntly said 'Well, you got the letter didn't you?" I quipped "What letter?, do you have evidence that would stand up in Court?" I then made a complaint to the office via phone and email, and also asked for a full breakdown of fee's. Today we received a letter (without the breakdown) which stated how much we now owed. This letter has one thing missing from previous dealings - the Enforcement fee. It has been removed!! All in all i am now happy to pay
  2. I find you quite an angry person full of sarcasm. Have I offended you? You have already answered on my original post. No further comments are needed from yourself thank you. I have the time to wait for someone else's reply. Someone that maybe know about consent to Acts and can further elaborate. I have come here for help not ridicule. If the debt goes back to the Council will they 'take on' the bailiff's fee's?
  3. Thank you for the link Sir Also, if I pay nothing to anyone and the Council get the debt back - would the fee's be waived that way or would the Council 'take on' such fee's? I forgot to put this in my original post (duh)
  4. Hi guys 1st post My mother has an outstanding debt with bailiffs for Council Tax. She had an agreement with bailiffs to pay it off and defaulted after 2 payments as she could not afford it. Now they want the amount in full. They say they have requested for 'Commital to prison' which scared my mother until i explained it to her. They do not have a 'Controlled Goods Agreement' at all I have today disputed the amount as the bailiffs starting balance doesn't match what is owed to the Council. To be clear this is before any alleged fee's from the bailiffs themselves. It is just the 'starting balance'. I intend to pay it for her in a couple of weeks when I have the money together BUT I do NOT intend to pay the bailiffs fee's. Instead, what I intend to do is pay the Council in one payment via online payment what my mother owes them. Leaving the fee's with the bailiff's!! If I pay the Council, then the debt can't be passed back to the Council as the fee's would be theirs and theirs only. My intention then is, on Common Law grounds, is that I get my mother to say she doesn't consent to these charges from the bailiffs. Which is a total of £310. They are only claiming this money under the 'Control of Goods Act 2014'. Now, when the bailiff's are only left with their fee's and no actual debt - would she able to refuse consent? As an Act is only governed by consent. The other option is to just leave them with their fee's and ignore them. As it is a Civil matter - and without proof of claim - they can't actually do anything. I reach out to you guy's for answer's on this. Am I right to think I can get one over on the Bailiff's this way? They have very naughty attitudes when she calls them BUT seem very polite to me when I call! I would LOVE to get away with this
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