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  1. Thankyou once again i appreciate the help
  2. Hi sorry havent replied the only other form was the Admission form with the claim number and claimant etc and details of income etc if hes admitting it. An N9A form it is. Should i have contacted them do you think thanks
  3. Hi just an update received this letter and anAdmittance form wanting income details any help please Kind Regards restons new letter1 002.pdf
  4. Thanks for reply do i have to send any letters off to anyone at this point please
  5. Hi we did not realise until it was pointed out to us that on the credit agreement that the details of hubbys DOB is diffferent to his with the signature being not the same .
  6. Hi again is it possible to pm a site team member on here something has come to my attention regarding this matter thank you
  7. Hi yes quite different to his i know that and the credit agreement was not the originals but printed out thanks
  8. Thankyou for the help That is all the paperwork i have and to be honest the signature is not right in the credit agreement . I did put the credit agreement in post 52 if that helps thanks
  9. yes the letter above and just lots of statements theres about 50 or more with some blank pages in between.This is definitley not my husbands signature either i dont know what else to do
  10. Ah thank you im struggling realy but im learning at the same time thanks to this forum and your help and patienceThis is the letter the last one i received from restons can you have a look please be much appreciated thanks convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2017-08-30_22-26-06 credit agreement 22nd.pdf
  11. Ah god ive just noticed that personel details can i delete it some how please i am a bit dippy
  12. HI yes it was restons said 14 days that was last week.Ive scanned copies of T&Cs there is 7 ive numbered them in order thank you once again much appreciated. CCa return.pdf
  13. Sorry my phone dosent scan thanks Hi does anyone know what i have to do next as i only have 14 days on the letter please much appreciated
  14. Hi ive scanned all letters apart from statements but i can add them if need be hope ive done it ok thanks docs 1.pdf
  15. Re just arrived in the post a credit agreement etc.Im going out to buy another printer and will try and scan them up later thanks
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