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  1. Also, to clarify, I meant that I am rejecting the car, not just cancelling the HP agreement. Thanks for the responses so far
  2. Can I just point out that this is not buyer's remorse. There are a number of problems with the car that have only become apparent since I've had it and had full use of it. Also, I've had it up to the neck with the dealer who messed me about in getting this car in the first place(I only stuck with them because I thought the car was a good deal), so I'm not willing to accept repairs or a replacement.
  3. how would that work? They've got my car (and said it will go to auction) on which they have settled the finance. I've bought an overpriced car off them. Aren't the two separate? If they put an inflated value on the car I bought, surely they can't ask for the difference back? That would be like me buying a laptop, say, for £200 then asking for a refund on the basis that it's worth £300? I'm unsure how this would all work out..
  4. I take it though that this works in my favour, i.e, that I won't have to pay back what was the negative equity?
  5. Thanks for the reply, but what will this involve exactly? Will they pick the car up or do I have to take it to the dealer? As the car doesn't really live up to the expectation given, can I expect the deposit back as well? The garage did mess me around in terms of getting this, but the car seemed ideal (and there's few of this one about) so I stuck with them. I think I'm more questioning the process and potential complications
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me understand what my position is in the following scenario. I've bought a used car 2 days ago from a main retailer with HP. I traded in my old car which had existing finance. The dealer cleared the finance on my car and increased the price of the new car by the amount of negative equity, something which I was ok with. There was also a £200 deposit that I paid. Now I've had the car for a couple of days, I'm having lots of little but significant issues with it that weren't apparent during the test drive, such as rattling noises, performance and fuel economy (used nearly half the tank over 120 miles!), and it's got to the point where I wish I never bought it and I want to hand it back. My question is, what is my position if I use the 14 day cancellation period? The car is in the same condition as I bought it. Is it just a case of notifying the finance company and arranging with the dealer to collect it? Will the dealer be asking for money back from the car I part exchanged? Thanks for any advice
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