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  1. Thank you guys for the support. I'll then ignore the letters from DRP. I'll obviously act only in case (hopefully not) I'll receive a Claim form from court.
  2. Yes last time I did ignore a Claim form from the court and it obviously escalated up to the CCJ. DRP was acting on behalf of Parking Eye. This time DRP is acting on behalf of UKPC. So correct me if I'm wrong: now they have just issued me with a FINAL NOTICE letter intimating payment. I Don't bother replying? If I'll ever receive in future a Claim form from the court I can then dispute the matter of at that stage a CCJ on my files will be already in place? Thank you so much for the support
  3. Thank you @ericsbrother, what exactly should I write to them? I am really worried cause on the same circumstances but on behalf of Parking Eye, Debt Recover Plus was able to grant a court order which I have disregarded cause I still thought it was just some other form of threatening from them, and now I am left with a CCJ on my files which has totally disrupted my credit scoring. I then paid the £165 fine through court but the CCJ obviously remains for 6 years...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm hoping to receive any suggestions on an ongoing matter with UKPC and DRP. I have been issued with 4 tickets from UKPC almost 2 years ago for not parking my car within my designated space. UKPC is patrolling our underground parking to impede unhautorized parking on our parking bays. My car is parked just underneath a grille overlooking to the basement of the building. There were some water leakings affecting the entire building so workers had to undergo a month long repairing job. While working on it they let a lot of concrete debries fall through the grille
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