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  1. Thanks again BankFodder, I'll also try the Land Registry search. He was warned about the 14 days by email on May 24th and I sent him a registered letter on the same day. However I had it redelivered on Saturday June 3rd since he was not at home and didn't bother collecting it at the post office even if I informed him, so not 100% sure if I should extend the 14 day period (I doubt that though as we was informed by email sent to his work address). Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply BankFodder. We paid in 2 stages (part upfront and part during the works) by bank transfer, which means we have his bank account details so I'd assume a bank levy could do the trick. I found his address and it's confirmed by the fact that the registered mail was received and signed by him whom also mentioned it in an email. All we paid for now is £530. In order to make sure he'd be updated I also sent him texts, just in case he wouldn't be checking his work email. You are right, I should get a quote by another trader to understand how much it
  3. Hello everyone, This is the first time I post on this forum so please accept my apologies in advance if I make any mistake. We are about to resort to the Small Claims Court due to a sole trader that a month ago did a terrible job on our terrace. My concern is that, even if we will (likely) win, it appears very difficult to enforce the court's decision and have our money back (£530). I read of different ways to enforce the court's decision but I would really appreciate if someone could enlighten me about the action with the highest success rate. This is the story: After rece
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