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  1. So what's my best course of action against Robinsons way ? The ccj that I have I will pay it asap. But what do I do if Robinsons way is chasing me for some defaults
  2. Right so what that means is I pay the ccj already on my file and just wait for all DCAs to contact me and pay them as they do. Well if this is the only way out then I will but as I said I will at least want some proof from them that they now actually own the debt So I guess for all defaults CCA is my best bet Just one more thing - the defaults which are going to go off file in a year time. Of I let's say reach a settlement with them and pay it. Wud it still go off the file in an years time or is it going to stay for another six year from the date of settlement/payme
  3. Challenge ? Resulting in what ? I am not sure who owns the debts now. As Robinsons way is the only letter I have received so far. I am just dreading checking my CF as I still think what if Robinsons way are just phissing
  4. I was just too naive back then. It was two credit cards and mobile phone contract and bank overdraft. All this not exceeding 5k with individual value less than 2k Defaults are all related to august 2012 that's when I moved abroad. Ccj although was registered August 2013
  5. Yes I was resident abroad. I had taken up employment. So there is plenty of proof about it. As for the letters, I am not referring to CCJ. I am referring to the rest of defaults which probably Robinsons way is chasing. Why should I give them the money without a fight for a debt they bought for only a couple of quids. So that's why I would keep writing them letters until they prove it they have the original contract etc If they have linked my old file to the new then I would rather go down fighting as I have nothing to lose if my CF shows the ccj
  6. Well I think it is complicated for me. I thought if I have this new address and no credit, it will be hard for the CRA to link my identity to old address. But u are suggesting it's very easy for them. I havnt checked my credit file since coming back as I thought it would give CRA my new address I think I am going to wait a few weeks and then send Robinsons way a prove it letter. This would buy me time for the default to get SB as I know they wouldn't have the required paperwork Well if I go trust online website now and give me name dob and the new address
  7. Does that mean they have the athoutity to link it ?
  8. I have received the letter from Robinsons way. I havnt opened it but reading all the posts it seems about details of the debt. Should I return it to sender ? Or shud I open it and send a prove it letter ? Its so old that I am sure they wouldn't be having any paperwork to it Also if I may add, since I have come back after 5 years, the bank account I opened is a cash card one (basic) and have council tax under my name. I am sure its not my credit file where they got my address from, if that's the case could they be sure its definitely me ? And
  9. Well I think I will pay the ccj but 1 - Can I pay the ccj via third party? Without showing my address to the creditor ? 2- if I pay the CCJ now will it reset the clock? Knowing it will come off my file in 2 years. Will it stay again as satisfied for next 6 years ? Thanks
  10. Yea I understand it will be off the file but I could be chased for the ccj and not a statute bared debt. I just don't want a link to my old credit file as it would risk my job and whole career for a mistake i made when I was too naive
  11. Defaults are all from July 2012, ccj although shows a date of July 2013
  12. Hi all, I have just returned to UK after living abroad for approx 4 and half years. At the time when I was moving out from UK I had few credit card and mobile contract debts not exceeding 4k Now returning to UK, I didn't want to be linked to my old credit file as it has a ccj and the defaults. I don't mind paying it but since I now work in finance sector I would lose my job straight away. So the best way I thought was to keep my head down and let all those debts go statute barred. I have opened the new bank account here on the new address as I was living abroa
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