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  1. I called them and informed them that I was resident in Canada (and also mentioned this in an email), but as they didn't ask for my Canadian address, I didn't give them. All they asked for an email address for communication which I gave to them, and which they used for communicaing with me. Had they requested for my Canadian address, I would have given it to them.
  2. I am a homeowner who moved to Canada last year. I had a tenant at the property and set up temporary redirection which ended in a February 2017. I missed a January service charge / ground rent payment and within a week or so, my account was referred to solicitors. I became aware of this because I received a redirected mail from the solicitors. I immediately called the solicitors, informed them on the phone that I was now resident in Canada but would make immediate arragements to pay. I requested a breakdown of charges as well as the option to pay in instalments. They asked
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know this thread is a bit old and sorry to resurrect it, but I find myself in a similar situation and I've been looking all over the web for some guidance. This is the closest to my situation. Could you please share what more you did to get yours set aside? Thanks very much in advance
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