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  1. Great so we Carnt Private message or promote a private group where we can share sensitive information - this is a really helpful forum. Starting to think Chris was right and this forum makes money every time someone visits it with the advertising hence why your against anyone going to another group.
  2. I've now set up a Facebook group for all customers and ex employees who have been left out of pocket by Chris. The group is called [removed] It's a closed group so anything posted is only seen by the members of the group. Chris does read these posts on this forum hence the need to take it somewhere private.
  3. So they just randomly turned up with your car and dropped it off. Carnt understand why he's gone to the bother of delivering some cars back to owners but then others have been left there for the liquidators to seize.
  4. Hello Tiger It was on a mini group on Facebook but unfortanatly chris has decided to delete his personal Facebook account and so the posts have disappeared. But apparently a number of people paid for bits to be posted out (one person in Canada) and they haven't received any bits. This is what I find strange. Why did he arrange to have your car brought back to you when everyone else's are still sat there waiting to be collected. He didn't normally do anything off his own back and would very often arrange for customers to pick up there uncompleted cars when he wasn't there.
  5. He's apparently over the last few months been advertising on various mini groups on Facebook that he is 'breaking' various minus - with what looks like photos just taken inside his stoatage unit, quite a few people never received goods but apparently some who collected did so wouldn't be surprised if that's where your bits have gone. How did you get your mini back? Did he deliver it or did you have to collect it. How did you get the car and bits back?
  6. Because he's been taking money off people since 2011 for restoration work that he's never done. The fact over a 6-7 year period he's filled two large storage units and a yard with customers cars and not even touched them while living a life of luxury is to me fraud. He text me two weeks ago and told me he didn't have the cash,time or means to complete my car yet the same week he took on a friends car as in insurance job and completed the work. his in it's self proves he did. He's told everyone he's skint and has no money yet handed over £3500 to someone that seized his tools off
  7. Police would see one person complaining as a civil matter and it being more of s disgruntled customer rather than a serious fraud. The fact he's done it to so many people surly proves it was a con.
  8. I'm keen to set up some kind of group just go try and group all his victims together so we can try and work out how to move forward and try and get him brought to book for what he's done. I'm very certain if a group of us went to Derbyshire police and made formal complains about his dealings they would feel inclined to investigate as it's pretty clear Chris was running a ****. I don't believe he had any intention of completing any of the restoration work he took on and I'm yet to hear of a satisfied customer. How did it go recovering your mini?? Was chris there on the da
  9. if liquidators are going in Monday there's no point me taking him to the small claims court? I just wonder given that 9 months after dropping my car off in a driveable state for a paint job it now looks like it's out of a scrap yard and will need trailerling away could i not try and go down the criminal road and have him done for fraud and criminal damage??
  10. How have you got on regarding the solicitor?? I am keen to take action but just wonder if there's any point for a £600 debt. I have no paperwork it was a verbal agreement but I do have texts where he's told me to bring the car and money down on a certain day and he will crack on with it. Interestingly a local company he owes money too is taking him individually to court and not the business as they reckon they have a better chance of getting the money back.
  11. Good luck with that one!! Chris did a moonlight flit on Thursday (14 sept) and is apparently heading south. NWMC is in the process of being wound up with liquidators apparently going in next week to cease assets - of which there are very few as Chris has taken anything valuable with him. I'm keen to find out exactly how many people he owes money too and exactly how much as I feel that this goes beyond a civil matter and given the amount of people effected it should be a criminal matter! My worry is he's up and gone with his tool box in tow and his aim is to set up in another part of
  12. Don't wish to exchange useful info but rather give the number of the guy trying to sort out the vehicles left behind in this carnage - as you can understand I'm not going to share someone's personal details on a forum anyone can read but oh well silly admin rules and all that.
  13. This is exactly what he's done. He's spent all this week secretly removing assets from his workshop and has left very little assets left for the liquidators to put towards debts. I'd be interested to know more on the trading standards involved and I have wondered about it the police can take any action considering the amount of people he's [problem]med. If you wish to discuss further please PM me a number. the set up consists of a main workshop/office , large yard to rear then another large unit down the road and more storage in another yard. All are packe
  14. Just a quick update. Chris told me last week he didn't have the cash or means to finish my car and that I was welcome to pick up when I wanted too but as he had 'prepped' the car for paint, removed the bumpers, lights etc he was keeping the cash as he had technically started the work. I've been told tonight that he's been caught by one of his angry customers trying to do a flit with his toolbox and some of his equipment strapped to his trailer all hooked up to his discovery. The trailer/equipment have been seized by the customer until his car and cash are returned. We wen
  15. Yes he's still trading apparently. Two of his customers had their cars recovered yesterday (Monday 26th) by recovery companies. Chris was no where to be seen and left it all to his business partner who looked embarrassed by the whole thing and claimed he works independantly of Chris - personally I think this is rubbish but hey ho. There's rumours locally he's about to do a flit so act quickly !
  16. I know Chris very well and have done for many years. Sadly it seems I'm another one of his victims. I paid Chris £600 upfront in January this year to repaint my mk 4 golf anniversary. He stated that as the body shop side of his business was quiet over winter he could do mine between other jobs and it would be done in 3-4 weeks from then. Nearly 6 months later and I'm still waiting. The car is sat in the same place I parked it back in January. Last month (April) I had a talk with him and told him I wanted the car and cash back and that i would get the work done elsewh
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