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  1. Some update. I sent them a copy of the court order, and they nicely stopped further actions, and referred back to the councils. JBW online account states: no cases active. Thank you for your help!
  2. Update: Just received email from IS stating "Bankruptcy Order Mr *****, of ******, *****, *****, *** ***. Upon reviewing the application submitted on 26/05/2017, it is ordered that Mr ******** be made bankrupt. The adjudicator is satisfied that EC Regulation applies and declares that the bankruptcy proceedings are main proceedings as defined in Article 3 of the EC Regulations. An official receiver attached to the county court is appointed trustee of the bankrupt’s estate. Order date: 30/05/2017" Does it mean I am officially a bankrupt? Can I just forward this letter to bailiffs to ask them to stop any unnecessary action?
  3. I sent it out on 26th, and included these debts, but put bailiffs as creditors with all ref numbers, not sure if I did right though. I owe initial amount to the councils, but have bailiffs charges on top of them.
  4. Ok, I see. I thought I would be declared bankrupt as soon as my application is approved. So even if it's approved it still has to be stamped by the court? Am I right? This is what I found online: "When you have submitted your online bankruptcy application, it goes to the Adjudicator’s office to be checked. The Adjudicator’s target is to approve 95% of applications within two working days. When your application is approved your Bankruptcy Order is made – this is the start date for you bankruptcy, not the date you submitted your application."
  5. Thank you, that clarifies the case. I've submitted my application few days ago, and the next payment with bailiffs is due in a week time. Does the debt become unenforceable/written off when my application is approved? Am I officially a bankrupt once the court accepts it?
  6. Hi guys. I need some advice on a tricky one. I have bailiffs in enforcement stage, however managed to come to an agreement. Two PCNs, one from a local council, and other one from Dartford Crossing. I have recently filled bankruptcy application and waiting for a decision. Question is: if my application is approved and court order is made can bailiffs still take any further action, or am I ok to stop paying before an interview with OR? I included those pcns in my bankruptcy application. Any help would be really appreciated.
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