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  1. hi Old Cogger, but i did ask for no rude messages as i've learnt my lesson, and there's no help with your message to what i was asking whatsoever.
  2. could i not write and say i've moved house? has anyone somehow got them to not write to them?
  3. hi i'm wondering if there's any possible way i can get rlp to stop writing to my address, has anyone tried writing to them and saying you've changed address and to send letters elsewhere? my step mum is a police officer and she's bound to know what retail loss prevention means as it says on the outside of the envelope. no criticism please as i've since learnt my lesson
  4. I made a very stupid and quick idea to take a few things from Tk Maxx with my friend last saturday, walking out a security guard and he walked us back in and told us to follow his collegue. We were then told because we were 16 and 17 that the police wouldn't be called but we would get a 'fine'. Our details were taken for this and we signed a banning letter, and were told to expect a letter for the fine. The letter has come through today and I know it's utter karma and I won't do it again, I've seen other threads saying to ignore it and not pay, but retail loss prevent
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