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  1. OK, not sure if your referring to pg4 of the agreement or pg4 of the pdf? if you are referring to pg4 of the pdf, this to me is illegible with parts of the signature section obscured by a stuck on overlay. Would I be within my rights to request a legible copy of the signed agreement showing my own written representation of the date and other possibly important information that has been masked out by the overlay? Why would they not have a second signatory box for the person signing off on the agreement? In reference to the ROP this seemed to stop 6 months in based on the spreadsheets. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a look at the pdf and have any thoughts, suggestions ? thanks.
  3. OK, updated with all agreement pages. It includes the first spreadsheet statement but does not show initial credit limit or any changes to that during that period. Also no statement of of how the figure they've come up with was reached. Can't remember the date of signing, although the spreadsheet would suggest within time. Again thank you, let me know if you require any info from the original case or anything else for that matter. CCa return.pdf
  4. Sorry I'm confused, apart from the 5 page pdf attached what else did you want to see? and I'll sort it.
  5. Hi Andy, Ok here are the scans of two letters (came in same envelope), pg1 and pg2 of agreement, one being the signed page. I did notice that the signed page looked like it wasn't part of the rest of the agreement as the text was of poor quality, yet all the others where easily readable. If you want the rest let me know. Also have done an enlarged section of the signing area, where clearly something isn't quite right? Thanks again for your help. cabot_restons2018.pdf
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for the quick response. Is that all documentation including spreadsheets and agreement and if so I assume I would scrub out any names and AC No. and the like? Cheers.
  7. Hi, hope someone can help. This is in regards of a 'stayed' case from August 2016 Via the County Court Business Centre. Cabot/Restons At the time I requested documents those being: 1. Agreement/Contract 2. Default Notice 3. Assignment These never arrived within the period of 12 days, then a further 30 days. I went on to deliver my defence and ultimately the case was 'Stayed' Present day: I have just received a photocopy of a credit agreement with spreadsheet statements from Cabot who now which to 'discuss the options available for this account.' My initial concern is the photocopy of the agreement, in that it has clearly had something stuck over part of the section 'YOUR SIGNATURE REQUIRED' with what clearly looks like a faxed signature of who ever was signing off on the agreement, although I am unsure if this is normal practice? Also the spreadsheet is very basic with no opening balance/closing balance or written indication to the amount of initial credit and whether this was increased/decreased over time during the period of the agreement? Per my original request during court proceedings they have not supplied 'Default Notice', 'Assignment', although I'm sure this would be a request I would make again should the 'Stay' get lifted and it goes back to court. Any help in this matter would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Andy. Nipped into the local Court and they were very helpful, so all good now and N245 is the route. Also thanks to all with advise and help much appreciated.
  9. OK I rang the court and ended up on an automated line and they said I would need to pay a £50 fee with the N245 submission. I was under the impression though that if it was within 14 days of receipt of CCJ no fee was payable? can you advise.
  10. The card was taken out about 5 years ago. I'll do what you suggest and ring and get a copy of the CCJ via email. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Did not defend, caught up with other stuff and life in general, no excuses. No not resent. I wondered about the N245? Would I use that to setup a payment plan?
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