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  1. I contacted Mortimer Clark yesterday and I'm still waiting for a response from their defence team as to an amendment. It was stated on the phone to me that the schedule in the Tomlin Order was the process that would happen and did not know why I wanted to amend it as a judgement would occur anyway if defaulted. I was actually unsure what to reply apart from the fact it lets the court decide rather than being an outright judgement. If I've not heard back by tomorrow I will call back. They told me that the next time the court would review is on the 17th so they need to get a
  2. Hi again. I have an update. I submitted the defence knowing that I was refused a Tomlin Order. I had a letter from MC on the 29th Sept saying the account was on hold for 30 days to seek debt advice. I called MC asking why the account was on hold ( expecting this to be time to collect further documentation ) and said that I would not be seeking debt advice and to immediately take the account off hold. I also was expecting a letter as you advised me to get, explaining why the Tomlin Order was refused, so I explained that I was unhappy this had not been sent. It happ
  3. Thankyou for confirming. Should i get the defence in or is there anything to add? Ive contacted MC and they said they need to see my employers contract before considering a tomlin order as it usually only affects people in a financial or authorative roll. But they said they will confirm the refusal in writing.
  4. Thats just what i made out to them but reality is a lot more than that. Also could I not add to the defence about Cabot sending me a statement of account showing no activity for 8 years making me believe this account was statue barred? Since they only showed me a statement of account from the OC with the CPR Request AFTER acknowledging the court saying I would defend.
  5. Thanks. What if they ask why it would be at risk? I'll get on to it when they open tomorrow. I did an expenditure sheet and managed to get my disposable income to around £9 a month. I offered the 50 but could I suggest that amount be considerably lower if taken to court?
  6. No idea, that was their excuse. Maybe some types of employment require you not to get a CCJ therefore the employment would be at risk.
  7. Hi. I called Mortimer Clarke on Friday to put the Tomlin order to them. They said they had to get in contact with Cabot. They called me today and said they cannot proceed with a Tomlin order unless my employment was at risk. looks like a CCJ is coming my way.
  8. Now you mention it, I believe the statement of account from the OC is a true figure. I never took into account the amounts paid after the DN was issued. Do you think it would just be better in this case to admit the amount owed and start paying the monthly figure of £50 which is what Mortimer Clarke are asking for? Or do you think there is some possibility I could successfully defend my case?
  9. dx - yes the car was written off. I didn't think the amount paid directly to TFC would have mattered as I made a payment after this date I never thought to mention it. I really didn't think it was of any importance. I apologise for the lack of this information. Andy - They will be able to provide the agreement, whether or not they have the T&C's to the agreement I do not know as they have failed to provide this both for the CCA and CPR 31.14 requests. They will be able to produce a notice of assignment. They will be able to provide a statement of account f
  10. The £5 payment I can't verify I made it but i'm sure I made 5 monthly payments of £5 (according to TFC statements I believe I did pay) with a £1145.00p payment in between ( I had an accident in the car and the insurers at the time paid that amount to TFC as outstanding finance ) and the £5 payments would have been paid by Direct Debit.
  11. I have the agreement (minus the terms and conditions) from Cabot / Mortimer Clarke. I have the notice of assignment from Mortimer Clarke as It has my old address on so did no receive it from the OC. I have the default notice from the SAR from TFC
  12. No, my last payment was 25/11/11. Cabot's statement of accounts from 2016 say nothing was paid in the last 9 years but Mortimer Clarke have sent me a statement of account from THE FUNDING CORPORATION with my last address which I only let TFC know in January this year and the date on the statement is 26/5/17. I would believe that Cabot / Mortimer Clarke have requested their own SAR or requested specific documents.
  13. Okay here's the default notice. I'm not sure what was with it so not able to say if I had or the court had the agreement in their possession at the time. But I have posted the agreement and T&C's if you need to see them. SCN_0006_SCREENED.pdf
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