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  1. Thanks all for the advice. I appealed to POPLA on 24th May and received a response today saying APCOA Parking do not wish to contest the appeal, hence the appeal is successful. Delighted!!
  2. Hi, Hoping you can help with a PCN my father received at Luton airport, The PCN was issued for dropping off in an undesignated area. My father explains there was a length queue entering the dropping off area, so his passenger exited the vehicle prior to the zone. He then drove through the zone and paid the required fee (£2.50). My father is an OAP and did not realise this would be an issue. I have appealed on his behalf (on 11 April 2017) using a template letter whilst not revealing the identity of the driver. The appeal has been turned down (letter dated 15 May 2017) and is now asking for £80 or £48 (by 29th May). I am unsure on appealing again and running the risk of having to pay the higher amount. ..or whether the matter is one which we should just ignore. The appeal letter included a photo of the sign at Luton airport detailing "No Stopping at any time to drop off or pick up. CCTV and number plate recognition in operation. Warning charge of £80. This is a private road." My father may have seen this sign (I'm not sure), but it doesn't talk about designated areas. He went on and paid therefore felt there was no issue. Any guidance on how to proceed would be apppreciated. thanks John
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