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  1. If you open it and zoom in you can read some of it. That is the photo that NCP sent me, but I think I'd better take a proper picture on Monday !
  2. Woop ! Just had an email from POPLA. NCP do not wish to contest my appeal, so I don't have to pay ! Thanks all for your help with this.
  3. I just said I was the registered keeper of the vehicle as in the advice further up the thread
  4. Just a quick update. I have received the POPLA ref from NCP, so have raised the appeal with them on the grounds of the markings being unenforceable. Fingers crossed now !
  5. You've got a point there ! I didn't really know the difference until I found this site though. At the time I was just glad to have got the money back as it was over £100
  6. I got the money back in the end. Luckily my wife spotted the deduction on my payslip - the joys of being married to an IFA - otherwise I would have never known. It actually turned out to be a charge from Kwikfit they had put through as a parking fine, when it was actually a replacement tyre for a hire car I had never used, that the company wouldn't have been charged for anyway ! I was shocked that my company could just get a charge and not query it in anyway, before deducting the money from someones salary. Apparently fines are deductible from your salary
  7. From my experience (company hire car), the hire car company passed the fine to my company, who then took the payment out of my salary without notifying me. As I had not received a parking ticket, I queried it and it turned out that it wasn't the car I had been driving at all. My company, and the hire car company, were none to helpful, so I hope you have better luck than me !
  8. Wow ! You chaps reply quickly on here ! Thanks, I will wait for the NTK letter and do as you suggest. Quick question - the NTK will take over 28 days to arrive I assume ? In which case will I be liable to be charged more than the £100, or as I am appealing, will it be held at the £100 ?
  9. Sorry ! Newbie not RTFM ! The date of infringement? 23/05/2017; Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? No; If you haven't appealed yet - ,......... have you received a Notice To Keeper? No; Who is the parking company? NCP; Where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Prince Street NCP, Bristol
  10. Newbie with a PCN here ! I got a PCN at the Prince Street NCP in Bristol yesterday for parking on / outside the white lines. In my defence it was at the end of a row, with a small empty gap between the parking space and the wall. As my car is a 2 door coupe with stupidly long doors, I tend to park at the end of rows, as far from anyone else as possible to give me half a chance of being able to get in the car again. I admit I was breaking the NCP rules, but as I was not inconveniencing anyone, I assumed I would be ok. Obviously not ! So after hearing all the stories about what
  11. Morning all, I have ended up here after Googling NCP PCN and wanted to know if the above advise still holds true ? My "friend" parked at the end of a row next to a wall, but the car was on the white line, even though there was nothing on that side of the car apart from a wall.
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