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  1. Ok I hope this helps My employer has sent out letters stating what I have previously said, I have seen the letter as a friend showed it to me In a meeting with my immediate boss, the boss who I handed in my resignation to, he said "I will make sure you are unemployable" This was said in the presence of the HR Manager Customers have phoned my new employer looking for me as they want to deal with me, it was not my previous employer they wanted to deal with but me as we have built up a very good relationship with many of my customers I do not think there is a restrictive covenant with t
  2. I am trying, I'm worried that my profession reputation will be tarnished with some make believe story The damage has been done now with the letter being posted out
  3. I understand but my questions are 1. Can they mail hundreds of people stating I have left with immediate effect? 2. Can they say I'm under investigation even though they have not told me? 3. With regards to them stating I am no longer an employee does this mean I no longer have to abide by my notice period? 4. Constructive Dismissal?
  4. First I have heard I had a letter from them excepting my resignation and placing me on Gardening Leave, nothing about an investigation
  5. All of my their customers, they deal in specialist equipment and I have taken up a position with a competitors
  6. Evening It gets worse I have been informed by a close friend that my employer has posted out letters stating I have left with immediate effect and am under investigation pertaining to my departure This is news to me!! Can they do this? They have put me on Gardening Leave so am still an employee in the eyes of the law so does that now mean I do not have to abide by the Gardening Leave clause in respect to my notice period? Help please
  7. Good morning Please can anyone help me here Today I was due my salary, I checked my bank and found no payment from my employer, I am on Gardening Leave I spoke to HR who informed me they were instructed to deduct the cost of training from my pay, I must state the training I think they speak about was last year some time and in house but by an outside company The training was compulsory as I had no choice but to attend, can they do this? I cannot find a copy of my contract, there may have been something in there but certainly no costs as I recall They have also not paid
  8. Hello Customers have been visiting my old office and someone must have informed them where I am going These customers are then phoning my new employer for confirmation
  9. Hi I am on gardening leave for another 3 weeks My new employer has already started getting calls asking if I will be joining them Is it ok for my new employer to confirm this, I am aware I cannot approach my previous customers and will not do so but I would hope it is ok for my new manager to confirm my start date Any advice please
  10. I had a meeting with my boss and HR manager today to discuss where they were at with the work I had left them My boss was getting very personal and throwing accusations around, when I pointed this out to my HR manager they just shrugged their shoulders, one sided totally
  11. I am looking for advice I resigned from my job a few weeks ago and have been placed on Garden Leave, I have another 4 weeks to work before starting my new job The problem is I am being put under great stress by my employer, and have been under pressure due to a family death recently to the point I'm not sleeping, not eating and generally affecting both my and my families life. It is that bad I am beginning to question if resigning was the right thing to do despite hating my job, that's how bad it has got. I must be on call during normal work hours should my boss call, and w
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