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  1. Wife recently broke her arm. She was ice skating (but stationary) and our opinion is that the injury was caused due to the venues insufficient monitoring of other users. Pretty much is a free for all and equipment is misused all the all time.Anyway, due the nature of her work contract its meant a good few weeks with no pay (or just SSP) as well as several weeks in plaster.Is this worth pursuing? Are there any decent companies out there who will deal with this properly? (i.e no ambulance chasers!)
  2. Got disciplinary in a few weeks following an investigation that has taken over 6 months. I'm manager for junior staff who work at multiple locations. Some I don't see for weeks on end. I went to visit one site and noticed a problem - I politely documented this and reminded the staff of their responsibilities and the correct procedure. To be honest, what they had done was not good so they did get off lightly. But it seems for some reason they did not like being told - so it filtered back to me. Three weeks later I get called into my managers office and get told that two of them were alleging I have been discussing confidential information with them. The information in questions is subject to office rumours (which I have not discussed with anyone) but neither am I privy to any confidential information on the subject anyway. Also, to date, no-one has even provided a date when I am alleged to have done this - site visits are documented so I'd like to check if I was even on site when this alleged incident took place. During the investigation, I highlighted the fact and provided evidence of the note I made at the time. It seemed obvious to me the reason why this complaint had been made. But, its going to disciplinary now and these two people are witnesses. Employer is talking about gross misconduct and dismissal. Completely nuts to me that it can go this far based purely on the word of two people who, obviously have an axe to grind. Surely this is not on - otherwise it'd be open season for spurious complaints - get two people together and its a done deal! Allied to the fact that this is no confidental info anyway....... Must admit its been a shambles from start to finish. I'm concerned this will continue into the hearing and it'll go badly..... Union so far have been completely useless. What can I do next?
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