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  1. Following calls to the court and the judgements creditors solicitors it seems that Hoist bought a debt from Capital One Credit Card. I did have one but no re-call of any outstanding debt when I left UK in 2008. A claim was issued on 2/3/2013 and deemed served on 11/3/2103. They cant tell me where these where served I suspect at my last UK address, but of course these never came to me as I was overseas. I am completing the AoE form stating my unemployment to send together with a letter confirming facts of: Name of Judgement is in my maiden name Address is wrong - its a friend address where i have never lived. How did they get that?? Living and working overseas since 2008, with proof of my residence visa Unemployment since Jane 2016 and cancellation of my work visa I now reside here only on tourist visa, that does not permit me to work No knowledge of the claim & notices served in 2013 I do not acknowledge the judgements or AoE and dispute all claims I also found out the original debt is 2,627.17 they have been adding interest at 8% per day and not it is 3,975.28 Is any of this legal? Please can any one advise the best way to deal with this. Do I need a legal representative, that I cannot afford.? Also how can I stop any of this effecting my friends address? or further communication going there
  2. ok so the way forward is to contact the court and show them evidence of living abroad and currently not working??
  3. hello There is no CCJ number but from what it looks like the AoE is with the County Court Money Claims Centre. There is no details for them, but a case number, application number and judgement creditor reference but no judgement debtor reference. I'm really at a loss. There seems no one to contact. But I've also been reading things like dont make contact Whats the best way to deal with this I dont want to cause any trouble for my friend at her address
  4. Hello -sorry I'm not sure how to find the place where the thread has moved to, any help appreciated
  5. Hello I'm looking for advise. I live overseas for past 10 years. Yesterday at a friends address in UK where I receive my bank statements a letter arrived looking official. At my request my friend opened it. It is a Notice of Application for Attachments of Earnings Order. Judgement Creditor: Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. In the: Country Court Money Claims Centre. Amount 3,975.28 GB. The Judgement Debtor is under my maiden name and I've since been married, divorced and re-married. I have never heard of this company and no of no debt to them. They are not listed on companies house, but from research it seems they are linked to Robinson Way a DCA. There is no contact telephone number and only instruction to pay Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors, based in Leeds. Again they are not registered on Companies House. The form looks official with case number and reference number. The document is dated 17th May 2017 and says payment required in 8 days of notice or further action including a possible 14 days prison. I am very concerned especially as this is now logged at a friends address, where i have never lived but do get my UK bank statements sent to. Any advise gratefully received.
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