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  1. Does anyone think its worthwhile me trying to negotiate with my bank/creditors before I move to Canada? Or speaking to a debt management charity etc..? I'm just a tad worried about them either chasing me abroad or trying to seize any of the stuff I leave at my parents. I also don't want them harassing my parents for example with letters or some such. For that matter what are the chances of balliffs turning up at my old UK address or my parents, where I will live temporarily before I move? Also worthwhile noting I am currently in Scotland so may be more complicated for me as think Sheriff officers have more rights than Bailiffs?
  2. Ok, thanks!! I'll look into drafting that and maybe speak to step change at some point as well.
  3. Thanks! Good to know it won't be anytime soon, I've got 0 assets pretty much, hence why the interest rate was extortionate haha! I might well come back in the next 10 years but can't be sure, thanks for the advice re change of circumstances. Anything in particular I should include in that letter or any template letters lying around? Do you recommend not telling them in advance of my issues?
  4. Well, I have heard stories of people being chased in Canada for UK debt after moving over there and I know there is a mechanism for enforcing UK judgments over there. Either way I don't want them making me bankrupt here as that will screw up my immigration prospects over there, possibly at least. Also I do actually want to pay it because at the end of the day this is down to my stupidity.
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice regarding my debts because frankly I'm an idiot and don't know where else to turn. My situation is so: I have £10k or so left on an unsecured Natwest Loan which I originally took out back in 2015 but have rescheduled a few times, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to run for at least another 4 years at around £300 a month. I also have £1900 on a 0% credit card which doesn't run out till September 2019. I will however pay £300 or so off this next month. I also have phone and tablet contracts which run to about £960. I move to Canada at the end of August to start a doctorate, they are giving me enough scholarships to cover my fees and have about £10k afterwards. I'm intending to look for a part time job over there and can work up to 20 hours a week during term or any amount of hours during the summer. I originally was in a job where I earned £26k pre-tax so going from that to £10k even living as a student will make it impossible to cover my debts. I want to find some way of paying my debts off and definitely want to avoid bankruptcy, an IVA or anything of the like as if I wanted to stay in Canada the immigration authorities would, from what I understand, take a very dim view of it. I've spoken to a debt charity who have said they probably could help but are only willing to speak to me properly after I've finished my job on the 20th of July. I would like to try and sort something out before then so I can stop worrying and beating myself about my idiotic credit habits! It'll also the last thing I need when added to the stress of having somewhere to live in Canada etc...etc... Many thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me
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