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  1. I've seen arguments both for and against telling them, and the consensus seems to be that they do actually go away for a little while. The declaration form consists of my initial and last name, no first or second names given. (by which time I will be long gone, I've actually scheduled to vacate the property in just over two). Thank you again for your replies.
  2. Thank you for your replies guys, I forgot to mention there's also a landlord installed small TV upstairs that I think has been turned on a total of once, I've checked to ensure that it's unplugged too. I can't imagine this changes anything. The notification was sent yesterday after I'd picked up the card, I won't be switching on television / signal receiving equipment of any type in the property. Thanks again guys.
  3. Hello, To give some background: I rent a property that I do not spend time in, I visit maybe once a week. It's mostly a place that collects my mail and stores some things since a relatives death. Yesterday evening I picked up a card from TV Licensing stating that "They had visited the property but I wasn't in". The time on the card was "20:31". The card states on the back "We will reshedule a visit". (It also contains the usual stuff about "This is the start of an investigation".) The card appears to be from a few days ago. All lights were switched
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