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  1. I completely agree with what you are all saying,however upon realizing how nonsense the RLP is and how unnecessary their position is in this situation, any sort of fee for them would be completely unnecessary as TKMAXX got their product back in the condition they were selling it in. Its like someone randomly posting you a letter asking money which they are not entitled to.
  2. I am 100% aware and have learnt my lesson and regret my stupid action heavily, however I strongly disagree the idea of private companies trying to suck money out of people especially when the amounts are so extortionate.
  3. I have done thanks but I haven't found a thread in which their situation has been completely solved if you know what I mean , does anyone else have any other advice? Thanks
  4. Thankyou for swift reply, its definitley something I will not be doing again, would you suggest ignoring the letters completely or writing back to them saying I am not going to pay. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone yesterday out of stupidity and mostly boredom if i'm completely honest I attempted to shoplift a pair of £15 headphones from Tkmaxx, this is my first time ever shoplifting. Once being caught I was asked to come back into the store halfway down the street, upon entering some little room in side the shop I was searched and my bag and proof of my age, i showed him my provisional , being a bit nervous and realized how silly it was of me to do this I said to the man sorry etc and for wasting his time. Until he goes on to tell me i'm going to be getting a fine from the so called "RLP" and would have to pay 'debt' for losses , administrative costs ,investigation costs and time wasting which I believe is an absolute joke, especially after doing a bit of research these fines can be up to £190! The headphones were returned to the shop in pristine condition, i'm not bothered if they get the police involved all they will do is give me a caution for such a petty mistake. Does the RLP have any sort of legal right, or are they just preying on the vulnerable to make a profit, as I am certainly not going to pay that fine, is there any way I can get around it or send them a letter back to end this. Although this happened just yesterday I will keep everyone updated when I get the letter from the RLP Thanks for reading
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