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  1. Hi Slick132 Its different as you would have imagined. I had BMF gym membership via work and this personal trainer. Albeit I wanted to conquer the world Didnt work out very well I have paid full 500£ and there is no signed documents about PT sessions or their terms. Thanks Sunny
  2. Thanks for the detailed advise. Please see responses below 1. I'll stop the Phone/SMS contact and download all test messages to a letterpad as advised. 2. He is an independent PT but also works at the GYM. His work at GYM is the GYM Trainer and offers PT sessions independently but he has an arrangement with the GYM that his clients don't need to have GYM membership separately and they are covered under his insurance itself when they work out at the GYM under his guidance for the duration of a PT session. 3. For first set of 20 classes I paid via Account transfer but those 20 classes I have already availed. for next 20 classes, I paid via CASH and there is evidence on my Bank statement of cash withdrawls of 250 pounds each over 2 days and a text message to him that I paid him in cash which he didnt respond to. 4. I will write to him as advised. stating Dr advise, ask for refund and around legal advise and legal action and costs via recorded delivery Will keep you updated on what happens after to see if letter before action is required. Thanks Sunny
  3. Hello All, I signed up with a GYM and within the gym also signed up with a personal trainer. I signed up for 20 sessions for 500£ and over the course of time, I used them all. During this time, I made friends with the personal trainer and he asked if I would like to sign up for another 20 and I was happy to. He asked if I could pay him cash as that would save him money and I did. For the first payment that I made in his bank account, I had received a acknowledgement on email but not for the second cash payment. There was no written agreement signed or emailed in either case. When I signed up, I mentioned to him and I might be changing house and in that case, would like to cancel mid way if I move too far and he said, Yes we can work out and he will refund me the money for unused sessions. After this, I got busy with work and travel and was off training for 2 months. I also suffered a ligament injury and a wrist injury. I consulted the GP who were not very helpful and just advised rest. I did another session with the PT and he said we can work around the injury but after the session, I felt pain. I saw a private physio who has advised against any heavy workouts and only Yoga for now for basic stretches for atleast 3 months which is recovery period. I requested my PT for cancellation of this arrangement and refund and he flatly refused saying these are no refund sessions and he offered 5 extra sessions which I cannot take. Please guide how to action further, I asked my physio as well and he said it is common curtsy for PT to return for unused sessions and in this scenario I am unable to use the sessions for an unknown period of time due to injury. I haven't moved house yet but I am moving in next 10 days All my exchanges with PT have been on text messages so far and I told him that I am not happy but I will not go to social media as it will be bad for his business and also told him he has never mentioned to me conditions of these sessions in writting or orally and his website also doesnt mention them. Since then he has taken his website also down. I am going to loose 500£ over 1 session which I have taken so far Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Mate.. I have emailed my HR and so far have had no response but will keep the forum updated. Cheers
  5. Cheers for responding, I totally lost this one. To provide answer to your inquiry, I am a permanent member of staff with my company. My employer provides annual flexible benefits and one of them is gym membership before tax deduction. The third party through which they provide this benefit is engaged by the HR department and its GYMFLEX which finally liasons with the GYM. Everything is offered to permanent employee via our company website allowing us to choose 2 times a year if we wanted a certain benefit in a yearly cycle which is open to employees twice a year Basically NI is not deducted in my salary on this benefit. The regular cost would have been 34.50 a month and under this policy its 33.81 a month. Hope this answers to some degree. Happy to answer any follow up questions and advise. Cheers Sunny
  6. Hello All, I have an annual membership with British Military Fitness which was taken via Salary deduction through my company via third party provider GYMFLEX. I trained with BMF for 2 months but had an injury on 1st of March in my left ligament and have not been able to train since. I wrote to my company HR as advised by GYMFLEX , along with recommendation from my physio for 3 month no boot camps that BMF provides since its not a GYM but boot camp setup only in outdoor parks, and the response sent back is as follows. 'Thanks for your patience whilst we looked into this for you. This has been raised to the gym and I'm afraid they are not willing to authorise a cancellation in these circumstances. When you signed up to the benefit you confirmed that you understood it is a non-cancellable 12-month membership and there are no exceptional circumstances in this instance for us to go outside of the standard terms and conditions.' I have looked up GYMFLEX website and they do mention that it can be cancelled if the GYM agrees as noted below 3.4 NON-CANCELLABLE MEMBERSHIP Your GymFlex Membership is a non-cancellable 12 month membership. In certain circumstances, and in line with your chosen GymFlex Gym’s own Terms and Conditions it may be possible to upgrade, suspend or terminate a membership. This process is subject to a written request by your Employer and a Process Fee of £25 is applied by Incorpore Limited. In the event a refund is agreed by the GymFlex Gym, Incorpore will pass on the entire refund received by the GymFlex Gym, less the £25 process fee and the Initial Set Up Fee. But the GYM which in this case is BMF which doesn't have an annual membership and hence no terms and conditions either They have a 6 month membership offer in which T&C mention that in case of injury, membership can be cancelled. (i) Cancellation for medical reasons, relocation or redundancy We may allow you to cancel your membership before the end of the minimum term if you have been a member and: Have a medical condition that stops you from attending classes Relocate more than 20 minutes drive from any of our venues (as measured by AA Route Planner) Are made redundant Can you kindly advise how I should proceed to take this further. Having attended only 2 months, I will loose more than 200£ in this. Thank You Sunny
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