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  1. Did you get anywhere with Capital one? I had the same issue where I apparently agreed to PPI when I activated my card however capital 1 has also stated that they could not locate the phone conversation so how can they prove my PPI was not mis-sold to me? does anyone have any advice on how I should deal with this?
  2. I am really new to this but I need some help with a rejected PPI claim from Capital One. I initially had no idea I had PPI but thought id make a claim and see. Capital One responded to say I had PPI and were investigating to see whether it was mis-sold. I then received a letter today to state that my PPI was rejected because I apparently agreed to it via a telephone call to activate my card. It then goes on to state that they are unable to locate a recording of the telephone call however at the time I met the eligibility criteria of the PPI. Can someone pl
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