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  1. Thank you for a positive and welcoming message. My credit file has been bad for years, it's not something new for me, I can't get any credit cards or bank loans for ages, I was worried at the beginning, but stopped now. I decided to rebuild my life and I will. At the moment I have one default from 2013, all other payments to date but I still can't apply to any cheap credit. I read the guide, it's very good. On another forum I copied an email for the first step before I've send SARs. I really want to see how much I paid PDLs for these 7 years since I stupidly took the first one in despair. It will give me strength to go to the end. I will keep you updated and ask a lot of questions. Hopefully it's OK.
  2. Hi fkofilee, thanks for your post. I've listed most of my loans in the first post. Some of the loans' installments I've repaid already this month but run out of money and tomorrow I won't pay another 4. At the moment I try find out what all companies I used in the past. Definitely Wonga, Lending Stream, Payday UK, Payday express and Swiftsterling. This month I fully repaid Trusted Quid loan, Safetynet overdraft, Cashasap loan and first installment on rolled forward Quickquid loan. Tomorrow myjar loan's installment due, 2 satsuma loans' installments, wagedayadvance balance after 2 deferrals and Cashfloat instalment. Also I've borrowed £600 from Safetynet and £400 from Cashasap again this month but they are not due until September. I wrote to those of them which installments are due tomorrow that I can't pay this month. Also I sent emails to few companies I used in the past that I will make a complaint and asked for the list of loans (not a SAR).
  3. I already moved all money I still have to Barclays. Applied for co-op account online and was declined. For IR letter do I need to request the loans history first or can I just list all my loans. Also had some loans in the past, e.g. Wonga, Lendingstream which currently rejected my applications but lent me many times in the past. Can I write to them, too? Thanks
  4. Thanks dx. In order to start IR process do I need to wait for any offers from payday loans' companies or any demand letters? As per today I paid all on-time I don't have any payday loans unpaid, tomorrow the situation will change.
  5. Just a quick update. Since receiving the letter in May which my husband signed for and I ignored I haven't heard from CLI so far. Thanks for your support. I hope I never hear from CLI again.
  6. Hello, I'm a newbie here and also a foreigner. My knowledge of dealing with debt in UK is limited. Please, help. My mother became terminally ill in 2010 and died shortly after. During her sickness I had to travel to the country my mother lived in and pay significant medical bills. I used all my credit cards to the limit and started to apply to payday loans. At the moment I have bad credit history and rely on payday loans to pay my day-to-day expenses. Even my salary is pretty good every month I struggle. As the situation is very unpleasant I became a shopaholic as well and instead of reducing my loans spent money on unnecessary goods. I think I had long enough buried my head in the sand and want to finish this debt spiral. My current credit cards are having very small limits £500-1000 and close to the limits but don't have any arrears, I have two overdrafts for £1500 with HSBC and 2370 incl. 250 emergency borrowing with Barclays and used to the limit just a days after payday as as my earning go to pay short-term loans. I had a loan from my son to repay payday loans but it wasn't enough at the time and after few month I ended up having several payday loans again. At the moment I have myjar -£1700 with an interest, 2 loans from Satsuma - £1100 each plus interest, one is half-way through, another just taken last month, Ferratum - £540, unclebuck - £450 plus interest, wagedayadvance -£930 due tomorrow, quickquid - £850 plus interest. 4 payday loans are due tomorrow with the total amount of the repayment of £2000. I can't pay them as I don't have enough money on my account. I tried to cancel CPAs but HSBC refused to do so. They cancelled my debit card instead. I wrote to all of my payday lenders. Only unclebuck came back so far with the request to discuss my budget on the phone. I refused to talk on phone. Also two credit cards from my past are sold to DCAs. After reading this forum I realised that I'm paying PRA Group and 1st credit without any reason as they probably are unenforceable as they are defaulted many years ago. And even I pay 1st credit every month they post a default on my credit card. I plan to set up repayment plans with each payday loan company and may be send them letter about irresponsible lending. What are my first steps? Thanks in advance, Angelica
  7. Hi yoker, I'm in similar position to you and received chasing letters from CLI. Could you, please, tell me if there any further development on your story, did they stopped chasing you or did they take any actions?
  8. Thank you for your reply. I can see several treads started on CLI but all of them stopped on chasing letters stage. I would really like to know what other people's who already started the treads experiences with CLI.
  9. I also received a similar letter 'Final notice before court proceedings ' from CLI for my Finnish debt which is about 20 years old. I ignored their letters so far but this letter required a signature and my husband signed for it as he didn't know from who it was. So, they know now that we live at the address. Any suggestions on my actions?
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