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  1. Update: Nothing heard back from Stockslegal. However another firm called IDRWW have been in contact and also sent a letter recently asking me to engage with them and resolve the problem. They said they would like to do this whilst we are managing the account before our client moves the account into a legal collections process with solicitors CWD. They then go on to say legal costs will be added to outstanding balance under the terms of the indemnity. Further says a transfer to legal collections is also likely to result in less flexibility etc.. Please contact wit
  2. My solicitor had a reply stating foreign limitation period act and also the UAE civil code article 473. They state the matter is not statute barred and wish instructions on repayment as their client seeks to resolve the matter amicably. They have stated that I am indebted to their client and they have instructions to pursue for recovery of the same.
  3. Not being a legal eagle I am glad to hear it is a threat o gram, however if I read it with my common or garden knowledge then it seems to me the last paragraph does say "Please note proceedings will be served at your last known...etc and that they will" The debt is from 1st quarter 2009 I recall. I had left Dubai by then. Thank you for your input and help. I will donate.
  4. Stockslegal email letter redacted properly, I hope..
  5. dx shall I upload the now properly redacted form in the same way as last time? Call me a luddite but I cant follow what you mean by this.".as per the upoad forget that..when I typed upload it gave me the link!
  6. They are ringing my UK phone and also using a cover company to reach my details via LinkedIn. They have a UK address as I understand they sent a letter as mentioned.
  7. 180k AED, I think its a credit card ,but it was so long ago. Stopped paying in 2009 early 2010. There has been no claim yet apart from the letter. My point is I will wish to defend the claim. Thank you.
  8. Dear All, I received an email today from Stockslegal stating I have not responded to previous nor arranged repayment of my outstanding liability. In the circumstances our instructions are to commence legal proceedings against you.. It goes on to say in terms of prospective legal proceedings they ask me to please note that our clients position, HSBC, is fully reserved in terms of the choice between a) Debt revery proceedings or b) Bankruptcy.. There is some more info giving me another 7 days to make proposals to pay the debt. Then the last paragraph says please not
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