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  1. Hi dx, Found out about about how to deal with DCA's too late. It was after I'd started payment plan with lowell, so I know I can't SB those 2. I've not paid a penny to DLC, these have only recently crawled out of the woodwork. So, I can CCA them (DLC) and another small one (lowell) that's appeared. Thank you
  2. Hi Bazooka, Thanks for reply. So wait them out for a few more months and send the SB letter. I didn't know you could do that for catalogue debt!!
  3. Hi, Thanks for the help. I have spoken with BH. Very helpful girly informed me the last payment they received was on 18th July 2011. What does that mean in relation to the SB date? Having reread letter from DLC they "claim" I owe ME III Limited £6268.19, yet the statements they have sent refer to BH?? Does that mean it's been sold on a few times?
  4. Thanks for the reply Dx, Ok, so here comes the next questions. How do I find out my SB date, is that 6 years from default date on credit report? And its fine to approach BH with these questions or should I write to them with a SAR?
  5. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice on this. Ok, here's my back story... I fell into debt in 2009 after getting out of my depth with catalogues etc, I did have a car on HP at the time but couldn't afford that either therefore it had to go. I'm pretty sure I handed the car back to Black horse in early 2010, unfortunately I cannot remember the exact date or the last time I made any payments directly to BH, but assume it was a few months before I handed the car back. I joined a DMP (Debtline) in 2010, which I was in until 2011. I paid £120.00 a month for several debts, the catalogues and HP for the car. I had to cancel the DMP in early July 2011, lost my job and then husband bolted, no income meant massive cut backs had to be made. I think its safe to assume that as BH was in the DMP the last payment (albeit reduced) made via the DMP in June 2011. I have checked my historical bank statements online (from May 2010 to present) and I can see payments to the DMP, up to and including June 2011, I cannot see anything for BH. I'm now happily divorced and have been working hard to sort my self out, I've paid off a few smaller debts and currently have a payment plan with Lowell on 2 other debts (catalogues, reduced figures due to negotiating at £10 a month each). However, I've now received 2 annual statements and a letter on the same day from DLC for a debt of £6,268.00 from Black Horse for the car, the letter is offering me a discount if I pay what they ask for. (This was addressed to me at my previous house, I know the current tenant who passed it on) This is the first time I've heard from anyone about this, I haven't heard anything from Black horse for years, last time was before the DMP, neither have I had any communication with any debt collection company over this debt. I dug out my old credit file from 2015 and there was an entry for Black horse, this had a start date of 14/10/08 with payment terms stated as: £11161 x 17 months and a default date of 10/08/2012 with a figure of £6268.00, which is over a year after I last made a payment through the DMP! I also dug out my 2016 credit report and there is no mention of Black horse or DLC, and there are no CCJ's listed. I have checked my online report, nothing about BH or DLC (or CCJ's) and have also ordered a new £2 copy for this year to double, double check. I'm aware of the statute of limitations and I am wondering how would I go about finding out the actual default date? I don't really want to do anything to inadvertently acknowledge the debt. Happily take any suggestions or advice on how to proceed with this. Thanking you in advance
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