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  1. The Witness statements and their bundle arrived on Saturday 19th May. However, a couple of days ago PDC sent through a "Consent Order" and have taken off all the costs, the admin fees charged by the claimant and have asked for the 7 years back payment of service charge to the sum of £1050.00. They have added on the court fee of £115.00 which they have obviously paid to get it there and also asking for a £100.0 court fee for the order to be approved by the court. Total settlement figure of £1265.00. We never had any issue with the payment of the charge, only would not pay it whi
  2. Today they have filed their witness statements and the evidence they rely on. They are late and have waited until we sent ours first by the looks of it. They have denied being invited to mediation (I forgot to add a copy of the appointment in the pack but we do have it from the end team). Just wonder if the court might accept it late given the claimants lateness. I doubt we would get the court to act on the failure to file on time. They have left it a little late. CPR doesn’t seem to mean too much I guess. End = med team (phone generated text).
  3. Gannymede; Thank you. We will do just that if need be. Someone called my wife today from PDC Law (she missed the call but googled the number). The witness statements and evidence we have sent is pretty conclusive and they received it today (Cuerden yesterday). It may be totally coincidental but, they didn’t have her number so must have searched for it online, wouldn’t be difficult to find based on address as it’s published. We don’t know what they may have wanted but the next few days may be interesting, we’ll see if they try and communicate via post. Hearing date is 1/06/1
  4. Is that 14 working days or do weekends count as days? Nothing from them so far. Is there a specific method of going for strike out in these circumstances? Eg; is there a template to be adapted / other examples that can give an indication of how one would go about this? Cheers,
  5. Yes, it is on small claims track. The Court document specifically states that; 3.Parties shall file with the Court and serve on the other party copies of all documents upon which they intend to rely on no later than 14 days before the hearing. 4.Included in the copy documents shall be written statements of the witnesses (including the statements of the parties themselves) 5.The original documents shall be brought to the hearing. That’s word for word on the “Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing) document. It also goes on about the judge thinking
  6. Given the claimant / PDC have failed to send directions, denied the defence was ever received and never bothered to try mediation and had to be reminddd about filing of the directions it wouldn’t surprise us if they failed to do disclose their statement/s either. If they don’t then have you any ideas of how to address the constant failings at the hearing and put as much emphasis on discrediting their claim and legitimacy in relation to how they have handled their claim? From reading the CPR, they are quite clear and are there for a reason. If we have to follow them then so should th
  7. Hearing date set and they’ve paid the heating fee. Date is 1st June. We have to disclose everything we wish to rely on, 14 days prior to the hearing. Assume the claimant has to as well? Court have advised they don’t??
  8. Isn’t mediation supposed to be something the court encourages to reduce costs and time etc? Surely it won’t look good on the claimant that they first of claim; They didn’t receive the defence, it was served on them and the court by us; Then they failed to submit their DQ on time and had to be reminded by the court; Now they have failed to comply with the mediation service (which I know is voluntary but preferred by the court pre trial). One thing after another and claimants can get away with being late and I suspect lying about not receiving the defence.
  9. Mediation was supposed to take place on Monday 12th March. However, the mediation team haven’t been able to get hold of the claimant. Just wondering if this is a way to push for strike out given the horrendous lack of care the claimant has given. Any thoughts?
  10. Claimant has filed DQ and heading for mediation. Not dealt with mediation before so not so sure what to say. Certainly won’t be admitting liability for anything. Any thoughts?
  11. The claimant has been sent an order to comply with the DQ by the 20th or it will be SO. Well update again once we know what happens next.
  12. Agreed. Perhaps it may be worth responding to the errors they have made and identify the response is flawed? Though there is a certain amount of anger here on my part we have some time to consider a response.
  13. I agree. Did not receive is just a way of buying more time. Now is the interesting part though, how do we challenge this and push the court to follow their own documented procedure? If we flip the coin, had it been us who did not comply I suspect the court would have issued by default. Do you think ramming their own procedure down their throats is going to work or would you suggest another tactic? Personally I want to write and tell the court that the claimant failed by default of the courts action protocols but there may be another way you may have suggested previously.
  14. That’s what I thought but I wonder if it will make any difference? I suspect not and the claimant will get away with not following procedure. I’ve attached the main part of their response. I think it’s gone up twice, I’m mobile so not able to use the system properly.
  15. Just as well we made the complaint to the court. Just received a letter stating that the court failed to send a copy of the defence to the claimant. The court has stated that they sent it to the claimant on the 25th January 18, 3 days after the cut off for the return of the directions questionnaire. As yet the claimant hasn’t filed a DQ. The court have apologised but I think a further letter needs to be sent to the court to get answers as to how this is allowed to happen. Ever experienced this before?
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