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  1. They told me that my university have a zero tolerance policy and that the police will contact my university that's the reason I am scary. Is that possible? In my home the university doesn't get involved in personal matters.
  2. Excuse me. Please understand that when my degree is on the table I cannot avoid to feel nervous about it. She told me that I can loose my hole degree my grant and the university fees.
  3. No they just took my data and make me pay and then try to calm me and said to me not to do it again but I am afraid what could happen if the ASDA staff gets mad because she said I didn't like her and that I should shut up. Also before the police take a decision she took one of them apart and spoke to him
  4. but the police still got my data and they could cross references. Thank you all you are making me able to study a little bit but I still feel that anxiety
  5. I've just remembered that ASDA staff took my ID and drive license, but as a foreign ID, my current home doesn't appear. They only ask me for my name anyway to complete that sheet and when ask me about my adress laught on me because I cannot pronounce it properly and told me to forget about saying anything else. Will that change my current situation or not?
  6. So there is no way that they can contact me through the uni or the police? That will at least give me a break. ASDA staff make my sign a paper with my name on it whewsaid that she told me is for me being banned on the supermarket. As I said if someone is reading this use my case as example of something you shouldn't do even when you are depressed, there is no benefit on shoplifting. Thank you all for the advice and your time and support.
  7. Thank you both for your response. But if they find something in the tapes wouldn't they contact my uni for knowing my name is something? I think the staff refused to go further because I was to nervous to explain my self property and they just put in on the hands of the police and if they have something else against me the police should already show up. As I said I cannot focus neither yesterday nor today I was walking for two hours this morning and I am still afraid the police show up and every time I listen a door opening in my building I freak out. Sorry for the se
  8. I don't know how they could possibly do that because they didn't took my address only my name and a picture of me. On the other hand the police took all my data so I don't know if they could share. As I said I am not going to do it again but I find m self in a terrific situation and frightened that police will appear or I will get a notification after my departure and I will find my self with criminal records without me knowing. I don't know what to do next and I cannot focus in my exams. I think I didn't say it but yesterday's ​good value were below 25.
  9. It was I'm ASDA London. I can ensure you it's not going to happen again. The supermarket staff didn't worried about my current location as I told her I'm going to leave the country. Past shoplifting happen the day before yesterday so I am scared as she threats me looking to one particular good
  10. I don't know, I am freaking out. I even think on going back and pay because I don't want to have criminal records. But they ban my from the shop so.. . I learn my lesson and it won't happen again I am feeling extremely bad right now. I being having depresion for a while and yesterday I saw that as a way to escape, I don't know...
  11. I get this placement a month ago so no shoplifthing is not the reason why i am leaving
  12. I am not running away, I just get a job in a different country and I need to go there. If I am applying for a job, do I need to state this in my criminal records? The police took my name and my ID but they didn't make me pay any fine only the goods
  13. I check for example this two post: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452118-Caught-shoplifting-this-is-killing-me-inside.-Please-help-me. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?442825-Got-caught-stealing-at-boots-and-sent-to-custody-police And I read that they get criminal records and the police went to their home. That is why I am freaking out. Also the university policy stuff and being spelled it's killing me. I won't be able to work if I get criminal records or something like that. It is not about a debt with a bank i
  14. Again thank you for your answer and no, I am not from the UK​. I've been reading other treats in here but I cannot see the amount where you get criminal records or what happen if they cannot contact you once you leave.
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