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  1. Nope, not older than 4 years, so all very strange
  2. Yes, the address is there, but no record of that loan.
  3. That's the thing, no debt of this sort is shown on my file at all, which is weird because I know i definitely didn't pay back this one pay day loan
  4. Changed my address to the correct one on my credit file, so all should be in order now. There are 3 addresses there for the last 4 years so I think if they would start anything against me it would be visible on my credit file? There's not even a default there for this ...
  5. Oh, I never even checked my credit file or my credit score and have no idea what address is on there... I mean by bank has my correct address as well as the HM Rev office, so I just assumed that's enough. Will check my credit file then now i guess...
  6. They are just stating a reference number over txt that starts with PIXIExxxxxxxx. They are not a bailiff yes, because i do not have a ccj yet. But I am scared that they will take me to court, get a ccj and then will send bailiffs... I am just wondering if i should send them a letter and expose my current address or not do anything and hope they wont take legal action?
  7. Ok, how and who do I complain to? (I'm only 21 years old and never really been in a situation like this before...) Also, would you know if are they still able to take me to court without me having an official letter from them? I mean, can they take me to court if I change my number for example and they can not reach me?
  8. They are using different mobile numbers every time, so I can not block them!
  9. Thanks for replying! I am very bad at all legal stuff, what is a cease and desist letter? Regarding the debt - there's not much to say... About 3 years ago took out a payday loan for around £300 (don't remember exactly) and was not able to pay it back as I lost my job at the time and had to turn to my parents for financial support. I was a bit stupid and didn't contact Pixie Loans to tell them my circumstances charged and I just kind of left it like that... Pixie Loans never contacted me themselves, I have not received any letters from them until recently started receiving txts from C
  10. Hello, I have the following issue and was wondering if someone could help me figure out what I should do: CRS (Credit Resource Solutions) are txting me every day regarding a very old debt (but not older that 6 years) to a payday loan company Pixie Loans. They only text, never call and I never received any letters via post, I think they don't know my address as I have moved. They are threatening with court actions and CCJs. And told me that they have sent me a letter but I never received anything apart from regular texts. Is there anything they can really do,
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