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  1. See, this is the problem I have. I'm a law abiding citizen but have very little faith in the police these days. So I'm really here trying to gauge what my options are. I certainly don't believe I've done anything to endanger pedestrians or other motorists and don't believe that I could have gone through an amber light that was verging red. If I have gone through on Amber, I would have deemed it that it was safer to go through than to stop (The officer has said I braked for the yellow light but then took my foot off the brake and went through which surely would corroborate this)
  2. Hi All, Many thanks for your responses...There's some questions in there so i'll answer them. I actually don't recall the alleged incident, certainly nothing of note or consequence springs to mind. I see a lot of bad and slow drivers on the stretch and so I can only think that I've simply used the 2nd lane to go around them (which me and many many other drivers do) and that he's taken offence at it. I do drive a nice car yes. The visit was to "have a chat" at which point he cautioned me and told me to expect a summons. Not sure if this is standard practice?!?
  3. Hi Bazzas, I haven't received a summons as yet but the "Who was driving" stated that I had gone through a red light at a pedestrian crossing". It was the officer who then told me that it was a yellow light and that I had braked for it and then unbraked and went through on yellow. I did suggest to him that if that was the case, its highly likely that I deemed that I couldn;t have stopped in time safely and therefore chose to take my foot off the brake, to which he responded "You'll have to take that up with the courts". The dashcam was in his own personal car so must be a home use
  4. Hi, Recently I received a letter from the local force with an accusation of me going through a red light at a pedestrian crossing. This letter was simply asking who was driving at the time. However, the very odd this about this letter was that it arrived within less than 32 hours of the supposed incident, 2nd class. Of course, I responded to say that I would have been driving at the time. I then didn't hear anything further for 6-8 weeks, until I got a call from an officer wanting to come to the house to discuss the incident. Having spoken to the officer,
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