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  1. Hi everyone, I have very good news. Received a letter today from HMRC confirming that the request for £212 is no longer applicable as they have revised the calculation for 2015/16 because the marriage Allowance no longer applies. I want to thank you all for the help I received as without your guidance I would not have known what to do. I hope my experience helps someone else who finds themselvea in the same situation as I was. Thank you all again.
  2. Hi Slick132,thanks for your reply. Your right I shouldn't have contacted them but because I hadn't had any acknowledgement from the letter I sent them I panicked especially as I should have paid the £212 by today. I'll wait now until I hear from them as you have advised. I expect I'll receive a reminder shortly and when I do I'll come back for advice. Thank you for all you help.
  3. Hi Guys, I have an update. I sent the letter off to HMRC by recorded delivery and it was received by them on 18th May. As the deadline for paying the £212 was today, I decided to phone them as I hadn't received a reply. The letter was on the system but hadn't been actioned and they had until 27th June to deal with it. However,I had a long chat with the advisor and he agreed that they shouldn't have allowed the Marriage Allowance to go through. He has "pulled" the letter and will deal with it over the next few days. Although I'm not sure if he then has to give his report to the complaints
  4. Hi Slick132, Thank you for your advice. I will send a letter to HMRC and see what their response is. I'll come back and update everyone once I hear back from them. Thanks again.
  5. Do I need to contact HMRC and bring to their attention that I was never eligible to apply for Marriage Allowance according to the rules on the government website. If they still say they can't cancel it, then appeal. If I do need to appeal how do I do that.
  6. Update: I have now received the letter from HMRC requesting payment by 30th May.
  7. Hi Slick132, I have read up on Marriage Allowance from the gov website as you suggested and according to that whoever is transferring must have no earnings or income under £11500 and partners income is between £11501 and £45000. These figures are for this financial year but I've worked out for last 2 years personal allowance. 2015/16 personal allowance £10600 My income - £19323.36 Husband - £ 6399.79 As my income was over £10600 the transfer should not have been allowed. Although my husband could have transferred to me. 2016/17 personal allowance £11000 My income -
  8. Thank you slick132 and Ericsbrother for your replies. For the financial year 2015/16 my total taxable income was £19323.36 a BR tax code was used on £18825.00 of this amount and I received a refund of £2020.28. The £18825.00 was the amount taxable after 25% tax free amount was deducted from lump sum pension. My husbands income for 2015/16 was £6399.79. For financial year 2016/17 my total income was £6391.84 and my husbands was £10691.16. Slick132, they want the £212 paid direct as I'm not a taxpayer. When I spoke to hmrc regarding the overpayment of tax for 2015/16 I asked if I was
  9. Thank you so much reallybadwoman for your help. I'll send a letter to hmrc as you suggested and see what their response is. One more question I hope you can help with. Do I need to pay the £212 now even though I am disputing it. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for the welcome honeybee.
  11. I applied for the Marriage allowance for tax year 2016/17 so my husband would benefit from it. Three weeks ago on signing into my hmrc personal account there was a message for me saying that I was entitled to have the allowance backdated for the years 2015/16 and any refund due would be sent to my husband. 2 days ago I received a P800 from hmrc starting that I owed £212 tax for 2015/16.i phoned them and was told that when they backdated the allowance to my husbands account it brought me over my personal allowance and that my husband didn't need the allowance for that period because he wa
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