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  1. Thank you so much. Looks like I'll be doing some reading later. Much appreciated. x
  2. Yes I signed bill of sale when I gave them my logbook when I took the loan out x
  3. Sorry to ask Im not very clued up on all these matters. What would I say in my complaint? That I think they have charged me unfairly? That the amount paid is almost 4 times the amount if the initial amount lent? I'm not sure how I'd word this. ...any pointers appreciated x
  4. Thank you. I have a statement at home. I shall dig it out later. Would my best bet to go to the ombudsman's regarding this? Even tho they've repossess the car?
  5. 36 months ...... I fell into arrears a couple of times and the debt kept mounting up..... they've taken my car now and have said they'll auction it off and Ithen will set up a payment plan for me to pay off the rest coz my car isn't worth more than 500
  6. Hi Guys, Im new to the forum and was looking for some advice. I foolishly took out a log book loan out on my car in May 2014 with Mobile Money. The original amount was for £2800 with a monthly payment of £358. I ran into problems health wise and I lost my job.. .I made a series of payment arrangements with them but still found the payments hard to keep up and I got into arrears, A default notice was issued for £2200 in arrears but I couldn't afford it and they wouldn't let me pay a smaller amount it had to be in full or theyd repossess my car, I have in total paid them over £9000 and they still say I owe them £1300 on top of the arrears. They have repossesd my car and to get it back I have to pay them the full £2200 for the arrears plus repo fees and then I still have another £1200 to clear the loan. Is there anything I can do? thanks in advance
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