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  1. I had a couple of loans with Egg and Masterloan between 2002 and 2007. There were always two columns when selecting the loan, one with and one without insurance and I always chose the cheaper one, without insurance. So many people seem to think they didn't have PPI and find that they did so I'm wondering if I could be one of them or is it totally impossible?
  2. Firstly, I have been offered compensation from Aviva for their poor service and I don't know whether it's fair or not but apparently I can go to the Ombudsman if I don't agree. So how does all that work? More importantly, it sounds like they are going to invoke their clause where they can decide what to do whether it's what I want or not, otherwise why would they mention it? I have sent them a photo of where the shunt happened so they can see how narrow the road is at the point of impact and it should be clear that there is not room for two cars to pass side by side. At first they said I couldn't claim for the damage to my car because I didn't have it any more but now they are saying they can get an engineer to look at the photos of the damage to assess how much it would have cost. Originally I said I didn't want to make a claim because I thought the other party was just notifying them of the incident and I had no idea she was actually making a claim for £1,350 until a couple of weeks ago. Had I known that 15 months ago I would certainly have counterclaimed for damages while I still had the car. Just as an aside, when the Aviva rep on this forum asked me to send my details it would appear the emails weren't being received so just in case there was a problem with my usual email I sent the details again using a completely new email address I had never used before. Within 4 hours of Aviva receiving that email I had 2 spam emails and received another one yesterday! According to one website about how spammers get email addresses, it said there are 4 ways for this to happen: (1) spammers buy lists, (2) spammers use harvesting programs to scrape the internet, (3) spammers use brute force programs like hackers and (4) leaving your address details on online subscription services. Their description for point (1) is "Buying illegal lists of real people's email is surprisingly commonplace. Dishonest employees of ISP's will sometimes sell information that they take from their work servers. This can happen on eBay or on the black market. From outside the ISP, hackers can also break in and steal ISP customer lists and then sell those addresses to spammers." I can only assume that this is what has happened to me as nobody else has this address but Aviva.
  3. I don't understand why the other side have not been pushing for this to be resolved either. Surely they have been badgering Aviva for settlement? If not then they have been inactive too.
  4. The first thing Jason (Aviva) said when I told him I wasn't prepared to accept a 50:50 blame was would I be prepared to go to court? I said hang on, surely the next step is to go back and forth between parties and if no solution can be obtained then court would be the final option.
  5. I have just had Jason from Aviva on the phone. I am gobsmacked. Apparently this girl has made a claim against me for £1,350 for damages to her car! She claims I changed lanes at the last minute. As I was stationary that would have been rather difficult. But even if that were true she definitely would have crashed into the bollard in the middle of the road as that means there would have been even less room across the two lanes. To top it all I can no longer make a counterclaim against her as I no longer have the car. I'm totally determined now to fight this and I'm not accepting a 50:50 claim. What's the procedure for a court case?
  6. Thanks for your quick response Mike. I apologise if the letter I received today is a coincidence, but I assumed it was the response you mentioned in your email message that I'd be contacted within 2 days. My questions and concerns are as in my previous post. How can I prove anything? What are the consequences of accepting a 50:50 liability? What other choices do I have if I dispute liability?
  7. I am totally disgusted with Aviva. This morning I received a letter dated 5th July saying that the third party insurer have offered to resolve the matter on a 50:50 liability basis and if I wish to dispute liability I need to provide more evidence or an independent witness. It would seem that I have no protection from Aviva at all. What evidence can I provide without webcam footage or witnesses? The only thing I have is a picture of the junction concerned where it makes it obvious that there is not room for two cars to pass side by side. I did call a no-fault solicitor the day after the accident but even they said my car would be written off and their focus was on sustained injuries. According to this thread, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?470365-Insurance-company-accepting-50-50-liability-against-my-will!! - I may as well give up now! Now I know why Mike and Tasha have not responded. I have 14 days to respond to the letter. What a joke! I've only been waiting for 15 months! This letter appears to be from the same faceless call centre so I feel totally ignored again. Can anyone advise me what to do?
  8. Hello Mike/Tasha, I'm hoping that you have received the second email but just in case you haven't I have sent a third using another email address. I hope you can let me know if you now have it. Thank you.
  9. Hello Tasha, I have sent another email with the details but the addresses are correct so I'm hoping you will get it this time. Thank you.
  10. Hello Mike, Thank you so much for responding to my dilemma and also thanks to Honeybee for her help. I have emailed you with the details you requested and hope you can finally help me sort this out.
  11. I have found an online complaints process on the Aviva site which I will try but I'd like to see if Honeybee's Aviva rep replies first. I have signed into my Aviva account but there is no mention of any ongoing claim. As the whole policy is based online I find this rather odd but, given my experience so far, I'm not surprised.
  12. Oh thank you very much Honeybee, that's great!
  13. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria, I may well do just that. I have never signed in to my Aviva account since I renewed my insurance last August but I think I will take a look shortly. I usually change my insurer every year to whoever is cheapest/best value and last year felt obliged to stay with Aviva and this year I think I'd rather pay extra than stay with them after this fiasco. They make it impossible to contact them. Maybe that's their plan so people just put up and shut up.
  14. Oh that's disappointing. That's why I signed up here as I thought I stood more chance of getting through to someone in this country who could understand my problem but it looks like I've hit another brick wall. I'll have to try and find a complaints process on the Aviva site again but I'm sure I tried that months ago and gave up without success. I did ask Aviva for copies of what the third party had said but of course nothing was ever sent although it was promised. This is just a nightmare.
  15. I realise that now but since I was the injured party it never occurred to me that she would report it herself. I thought I was doing us both a favour from having all the hassle. I have already explained to Aviva all the circumstances and sent emails, letters and pictures and have requested updates but I have had nothing back, not even an acknowledgement. The last real contact I had from Aviva was July 2016 when they said: "I can confirm that liability for this claim is in dispute, and we are awaiting a reply from the third party insurer. I will chase this up with the primary handler of this case." Needless to say, nothing happened. I was hoping to be able to contact someone from Aviva on here to beg their help.
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