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  1. Thanks dx, hopefully they will get back to me soon, the auto response said it could take up to 40 days which makes me a little nervous.
  2. Okay a quick google of Champerty and Maintenance and i now understand what you mean. A quick update incase this info is of any use. I just spoke to County Court Business Centre, they confirmed the address they had on file was missing my house number. The Claim form was issued on 19th of July, and there's currently no enforment order on the file.
  3. A freind has suggested that i contact my local civil court and make a statutory declaration stating that i recieved no correspondace from the solicitors or the courts relating to the CCJ. Do you think this something I should do ?
  4. On a side note do i need to notify the court that i didn't receive the court papers? Incase it's of any use, here is the letter i received yesterday from the baliffs. One of my concerns currently is that the letter states 'failure to address within 14 days of the date of this letter will result in your case being reviewed for legal recovery and such costs being added to the debt for recovery' Despite only receiving this yesterday 14 days suggests i only have until Thursday to do something about this. IMG_3521.pdf
  5. Thanks again for your help with this. Do you know how long DVLA normally take to respond? Is there anything else i should be doing in the mean time? Could they potentially point the finger at me for supplying the wrong address in the first instance, despite it being a genuine mistake?
  6. Having spoken to Northants bulk here is the judgement for claim and particulars of claim, also missing the house number from address, explaining why i didn't receive them Forgot to mention when i asked for a copy of the claim form they said they could only send blank versions since it is generated automatically via their system. they also confirmed that the address they had on file for me was missing my house number which suggests that the DVLA were never contacted. in the mean time I've put in a Request to the DVLA to see if anyone has requested access to my data in order to find confirm this. PARTICULARS OF CLAI1.pdf InvokerServlet_redacted.pdf
  7. Thanks for your help with this, I'll give them a call. I've downloaded th N244 form in order to apply for it to be set aside, do you have any advice for completing this form?
  8. I never received a county court claim, the adress on the letter i have just received from DCBL has no house number so i'm guessing all correspondence has been getting lost in the post. When i sent my original appeal to the parking company i made a typo and missed the my house number off. I'm relucatant to pay this since i had a valid parking ticket and this all seems ridiculous but i currently renting at a friends house and don't want bailiffs turning up taking her stuff. Is there anything i can do?
  9. Hi all an update with regards to this. Just received a letter dated 29th of September from DCBL: titled notice of debt recovery stating that my over due amount of £262.67 due to Gladstone’s in relation to court judgement number xxxxx has now been passed on to direct collection bailiffs limited to recover on their behalf. With admin and vat to fee is now ) £351.67. This is the first correspondence I’ve received since last posting in here, and can only assume the letter was late since there was no number on the address, someone had scribbled the house number on the envelope. Any advice would be much appreciated I’ve ovviously missed the 14 day deadline set out on the letter. It says failure to respond within their time will result in the case being reviewed for legal recovery and afdiional costs.
  10. Dx and ericsbrother thanks for your guidance with this, it's been a weight off to get some advice from people who knows what they're talking about. I'll keep you updated if there are any further developments
  11. Thanks for all your help with this, it's a relief to know that their claim is a load of nonsense. It's frustrating as i'm one of four people in our office alone to go through similar situations recently, and this is my second time round (the last time was a more reputable car park and they dropped the charge after I sent an appeal through POPLA). One colleague of mine had her appeals ignored for 2 years, then received solicitors letters and a letter from the court and ended up paying nearly £300 to the Euro parking, wish I'd have come across this forum earlier.
  12. No I havn't moved, I just happened to forget to put my house number on the original appeal letter, and they've just copied my address from there.
  13. I guess i've been naive in thinking that having a ticket and writing a appeal would be enough to get them off my back, it sounds like i've made a few gaffs and done myself no favours ...
  14. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for the advice of what to do in the future, I'm kicking myself for not finding this forum sooner! Do you think it's likely that they would try to take this to court knowing that I have a valid ticket with my reg on? Also they don't seem to have my full address so I'm not receiving any correspondence that they send via the post. I only received their response to my appeal when i called them to check and they sent it via email. My concern if they eventually take it as far as court action i may not receive the letters and miss my chance to defend myself. Any advice would be much appreciated
  15. Thanks dx100 1 The date of infringement? 9.02.2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] YES (uploaded) has there been a response? please post it up as well, suitably redacted. Yes (also uploaded) 5 Who is the parking company? Euro Parking Services Ltd 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? EastSide Car Park, Andover Street, Birmingham City Centre docs1.pdf
  16. Hi This is my first post on here and I was wondering if anyone can offer advice. I’ve read threads relating to similar issues to my own and while they’ve been helpful, there are certain details about my own situation which make me unsure of how to proceed. I received a Parking Charge Notice for £100 with no option of a reduced rate from Euro Parking Services Ltd on 9 February at Eastside car park Birmingham due to my ticket not being displayed clearly, I checked it when before leaving my car but when I returned it was upside down on the opposite side of my dashboard. I did some research on how to appeal and found I template which I inserted my own details into and sent a letter of appeal within the 21 days via recorded delivery to the parking company. I included a scanned copy of both sides of my ticket, which displays valid time and date and includes my registration number. I argued that nowhere on the signs or the ticket does it state which way up the ticket should be displayed, nor was there any adhesive with which to secure the ticket in place. I photographed signage and explained that the size and placement was inadequate and meant that the terms and conditions were illegible from a reasonable distance. I also argued that since I have demonstrated that I have a valid ticket there was no loss of income and since I park at the location everyday that it seems counter productive and excessive to issue a fine of £100. I requested proof of contract with the landowner to show that the parking charge is legitimate. I made it clear that despite my ticket being upside down when I returned to my car, it was still clearly visible on the dash (shown in the own photographic evidence) and that the serial number could be read on the reverse enabling the attendant to identify the ticket as valid. Here’s where my situation differs from others: I had no response from them, I should have called earlier to check but 2 months passed I called them to check the status of my appeal, they said that a letter had been sent in the post and when I explained that I hadn’t received it they offered to email it to me. The letter of rejection they emailed was dated 2nd of March, it hadn’t got to me because I made a typo on my appeal to them and left off my house number, when they replied to my letter they also left it off. They obviously ignored my request for proof of contract with the landowner. The rejection letter said I could appeal via IAS within 21 one days of the letter but obviously by the time I read this that deadline had passed. My concern is if they try to escalate things and take me to court, I won’t actually receive any of the correspondence. I’ve also read that appealing to the IAS is a waste of time. Any advice would be very much appreciated I still have the ticket and the PCN, along with photos of signage and their own photographic evidence and i'm happy to post contents of my appeal and their response Many thanks
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