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  1. Yes, the above is what I assumed might be standard procedure (which is what I was asking in my post before it was edited), which King seems to think is the case. As for whether the record was accurate, I know for a fact that they scanned the barcodes in store 1. In store 2 (which is the one I stole from twice) I'm not 100% sure whether they scanned the codes, just that they made a record of which makeup I purchased (or not purchased obviously in this case), but I was just assuming since one store scanned the barcodes then the other store would have done the same (since it's the same makeup brand). Whether doing this actually records the time of purchase though I have no idea (again that's the kind of thing I was hoping someone might be able to tell me even though it's a long shot since it would require specific knowledge of makeup counters I guess) because if so then I would imagine it would be extremely easy for them to check CCTV to confirm theft, although I'm not sure if they could actually do this if a) I didn't actually conceal anything as per the SCONE procedure and b) the cameras didn't record me continuously from the makeup counter to the exit, which is on another floor (is this likely?). It might or might not be relevant to point out that although I was internally panicking at the time I'm VERY good at looking casual and "normal", and I also look fairly "respectable" in the sense that I probably wouldn't raise a red flag to someone who might judge people by their appearance. Thanks for the reassurance everyone, I'm trying not to assume the worst and realise the majority don't anticipate police involvement but what King is saying about the way makeup counters do checks is in line with what I was thinking so I'm just not sure what to think.
  2. This was written out in my original post before it got edited but basically makeup counters ask you for your details to make a note on your file of what you purchase, they say so they can keep a record of your preferred shades (but from experience it's also so they can send you marketing). Very conflicting advice here but thank you all the same! Very much panicking.
  3. Could you advise what the time limit is for police to arrest and charge me? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone and thanks for your advice. As far as paying the money back, I'm going to go with Silverfox's suggestion and send anonymous postal orders to the stores although it's going to be a while until I have enough money to do this. In terms of my mental health, this is being dealt with. The specific advice I was looking for has been edited out of my post but it was basically that I gave my name and postcode at the makeup counters and the items were scanned there before I left the shop so presumably they could easily match my name to my image if they check cctv. I suppose a more straightforward question would be - assuming security DO make the connection and see that it's me who took the missing items, how likely are the police to show up at my house? That's what I'm particularly worried about.
  5. Hello all. Last week, I was an absolute idiot and went on a mini shoplifting spree on 2 seperate days, stealing £175 worth of makeup in total. I took £65 worth from store, another £65 from the same store, plus £45 from store. I have mental health problems but not really sure if that was what made me do it - more that I was desperate for money (I'm currently unemployed, looking for work and not receiving benefits). I've since sold the itemsy. It was an act of desperation. Anyway I will NEVER be doing this or anything like this again. I'm extremely worried now that the police are going to be showing up at my house. I know advice on here is often along the lines of 'security aren't going to bother trawling through X amount of footage for a relatively small loss' but in this case they could potentially know exactly which time on the footage to check and so it would be easy for them to link the theft to me, and they have my address! I know this is a really specific question and there probably isn't anyone on here with inside knowledge of makeup counters but I'm just wondering how likely it is that I've dropped myself in it here? I'm specifically worried about the likelihood of stores contacting the police and them showing up at my house, especially since I stole from stores twice? I'm living with my parents at the moment whilst I'm looking for work (that's the address I gave) and I would never forgive myself if the police showed up at their door or worse showed up and asked to search the house! Can anyone give me an idea how likely you think this is or if police usually do this? I'm actually considering going to the police station and confessing if it's likely that they'll come here, because I don't mind dealing with a caution or fines or court anywhere near as much as the idea of my parents finding out. Sorry this was so long-winded and thank you in advance!
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