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  1. 1. 2014 2015 2 should get the wftc paperwork today 3. yes i accept i have been overpaid wftc 4. it was a joint claim but they are not pursuing her . maybe because she is still on benefits 5. they say i earned to much 6. not a clue what that is
  2. yes repaid the wftc yes the la are trying to claim the housing benefit back i am employed ironically by the la somerset county council the local mp has a sugary on friday mornings will try and go next week
  3. sorry. im waiting for the wftc forms from my ex partner so will have some definite figures soon. the wftc was overpaid by a couple of hundred pounds and they demanded 2k. i have a letter from them saying i have paid it back. the la are saying because i was not entitled to wftc that i was also not entitled to hb yet still kept the wftc amount on the claim. this is from 2014 2015 so not easy to remember. didn't here anything from them for well over a year. have sent them an email saying i will not exept that this is the end of the matter and wish to take it to a higher leval.
  4. i cant afford professional help or i defiantly would. believe me its not about the money its about injustice and people just accepting what they say. there is no difference between LA and cabot. yet people fight cabot and not LA and DFWP
  5. i disagree that what they are doing is legal. i know for a fact that if a judge says you owe money you owe money. but if you have paid the money back how can you still ow it and have it added to another debt ?
  6. actualy the crux of the matter is that i have not had the money ! its unfair unjust and probably illegal. they only target people who are not in a position to defend themselve. i was overpaid by a couple of hundred and they expect me to pay back 5k do you think that is fair ???? the system is intended to support people in need and at the time i was in need. but the LA are now manipulating the system making up rules and lying to raise revenue.
  7. have asked them to point out the law that states wftc can not be deducted after it has been paid back. from what i have recived its a circular taged on to the bottom of regulation 32. how dose that make it law ?
  8. local mp is not an option staunch conservative who regularly votes against human and workers rights. in the news for telling a student to f off back to scotland have councillors got any say ? according to them i don't have a claim as its law (not sure about that) they have explained but in there language
  9. The overpayment was only a small amount I'm talking a couple of hundred. That's my gripe a couple of hundred over and they want thousands back
  10. the increas was when i went from self employed to employed
  11. this is the actual document they have sent. Regulation 32 Calculation of average weekly income from tax credits 6 March 2006 (1) This regulation applies where a claimant receives a tax credit. (2) Where this regulation applies, the period over which a tax credit is to be taken into account shall be the period set out in paragraph (3). (3) Where the instalment in respect of which payment of a tax credit is made is— (a) a daily instalment, the period is 1 day, being the day in respect of which the i
  12. had a reply after my appeal i will send the full content when i get home. basically they are saying i cannot appeal because its law and sent me a DWP document stating regulation 23 of the housing benefit regulations 2006. HB/CTB circular A30/2004 overpaid tax credits 38 if an overpayment of tax credits has occurred during a period i which HB/CTB was also payable, and the overpayment of tax credits is subsequently recovered, there is no provision in regulations to reassess the HB/CTB awarded for that period. i have looked at regulation 32 and it dose not mention anything about over
  13. if they its legislation dosent mean it is. not known for being honest are they ?
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