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  1. I presume they entered my plea as guilty as they state they never received my online form. I thought this was quite a high fine and amount of points considering the circumstances. I was under the impression that I was insured, and so was he, my partner is the main policy holder and I am insured along side him, we only changed the insurance company 20 days before I was pulled over. We were given a quote online through the comparison website that we always use and were unable to complete the payment online so my partner called Halifax with the reference number and payment details, all the lady a
  2. I was caught speeding in a 30mph and pulled over for checks, when the officer checked my insurance he said it was coming up as only my partners name on the insurance. To cut a long story short, the insurance company had made a mistake on the policy, I have never driven without insurance in all my years of holding my licence. I was sent a plea form through which I filled out online including mitigating circumstances. My fine came through the post a week or so later with 8 points and a £1000 fine (without the speeding included) is this common for a first offence with mitigating circumstances? I
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