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  1. Thanks can my Oz debt get sold to a UK DCA - and then they chase me for it under UK law? Such as this reference...[removed] - dx]
  2. Directly to the bank / credit company - I've not defaulted in the UK or got involved with UK DCA
  3. Thanks for this! I'm not sure if they are, I have credit cards debt and an overdraft.
  4. it is unlikely that they will issue a charging order on the property if we did get a mortgage together? Thank you for the advice! - I do agree with rent money going to waste, that's why I think it will be a good idea. Just don't want a charging order on the house, but obviously would be hard for them to do that based on AU debt (none of my UK debt is defaulted, I'm paying these off slowly)
  5. Thank you for your reply London1971, I guess my fear is that although I have a lot of debts, my partner doesn't. I know we could still get a mortgage. The money would be coming from him...my fear is that my Aussie debts get chased and they take the property away? Not sure if this is how it even works, but just a fear in the back of my mind. I don't want to be on the mortgage agreement if I can potentially ruin my partner's life.
  6. Does this debt mean it is a very bad idea to take out a mortgage with my partner until statue barred.... i would never want to jeopardise anything or get someone else involved. Still in the same situation - paying £10k debts monthly
  7. Thanks you for your comments...why would a solicitor waste their time going through with a default judgement, is it really that profitable for both parties?
  8. Hi Diodotos, I have just gone through your thread and I am in a similar situation, would you be able to advise on what you did to shut down the case? Any advice appreciated. Thanks so much. My thread.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477378-Australia-Debt-Stevensdrake-threatening-legal-action
  9. Hi LM217, I am in a similar situation to yours. Would you be able to advise on what the outcome was and the steps you took? Any advice appreciated. Thanks. G
  10. Would I start the letter saying I have no knowledge of this debt and to ask them for further proof? Then further elaborate on my financial background with payslip/employ contract/statements as proof that I cannot afford to pay? Thanks all for your support on this!
  11. Hello, Thank you all for your help. Yes, it's a difficult decision to make. If they issued a court claim and I had to go to court and they won, would I be liable for all the court costs as well? If they won the case would I be put on some sort of penalty payment plan to pay all costs, I suppose they'd get money in this way... even if it were a 30 year plan? Or does that money go to the courts? I may keep quiet for now and see what happens, of course, I wouldn't want it to escalate. I've only received letters from SD (and I don't live at the address anymore, but I know the person that
  12. Hi unclebulgaria67, Mrs Hobbit and dx100uk Thank you all so much for replying. Such a worrying situation! Yes, I realise that they may be able to proceed this to the courts which is what I don't want to happen as I've been trying my best to get on top of the debts. I owe about $AU 7k to the Australia debt collectors, Complete Credit Solutions and now Stevensdrake are acting on their behalf to try and get the money. Just worried at now they are threatening to action proceedings. I guess CCS have 'instructed' them to proceed with court hearings if they c
  13. Thank you so much for your response Dx100uk....One of the cases I was reading up on CAG was one by Rebecca H which involved Stevensdrake and credit corp. I think after months and months they eventually dropped the case after numerous letters, but the fact that she received a hearing date (she received court papers) etc were going forward with it is what makes me think they could do the same to me? I'm not sure.
  14. Hi there, I'm currently struggling to pay off $AU 7k debt that is owed to an Australian bank, which has now been sold to a Debt Collection Agency in Oz. T hey tried to find out where I was living by contacting my ex partner and have tracked me down in the UK. They said they will forward this to their overseas affiliates Stevensdrake. I received a couple of letters from SD, the last one stating 'in the absence of any response we are instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. Court costs and interest will become payable (where applicable) in addition to th
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