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    hi guys sorry been out of the loop for about 5 months, what is the latest on bank charge claims, have we all got to wait for this test case??? Ive got a claim in at the mo
  2. Hi guys, I and my partner have recently sold our two bed flat, and bought a 3 bed house to accomadate our growing family. We completed and moved on 10th September, out of the blue yesterday our solicitors contacted me and stated that northern rock were trying to contact us but had no contact numbers and could i get in touch. I spoke to a blouke in a department, he started spouting off all jargon and figures, i was totally baffled and asked to be told in plain english, he stated that we owed northern rock £2106. When i picked myself up from the floor and asked why. he stated that our redemption figure had been written by hand and human error had put a 1(thousand) instead of a 3 (thousand). I immediately put in a complaint,etc,i was even more annoyed that its taken them 5 weeks to find this out, thats if it is even true in the first place. Anyway, does anyone know or have experience of similar matters, can i turn round and say,sorry your mistake your problem or better still tell the muppet who put the 1 instead of a 3 that it will come out of their wages
  3. i have just received a reply back from them after they have fully investigated my complaint ect.... shabbey have as a gesture of goodwill decided to refund £55.00 which will be in my account in the next 5 days, bless them how generous when im claiming back almost £1300, i presume i go to the next stage and when enclosing the spreadsheet of charges i just deduct the £55.00 after checking that it has been credited to my account
  4. thanks susanne, i think i will do the same!
  5. hi guys, just a bit confused about the wording of the lba, in particular 'i calculate that you have taken £xxxxx,plus £xxxxx,which you have charged me in overdraft interest,for the sum which you have taken,total £xxxxx'. havnt got a clue what that means,i have completed the spreadsheet without interest,and have got a figure which is the total of my charges,do i have to work out overdraft interest??? if so how do i do it?? any help would be greatly received-its probably something simple,but i am not computer literate!! thanks and good luck to everyone
  6. thanks villafan, i'll let you know
  7. Guys, can you tell me where to send the lba letter, is there a central address and is it better to send it recorded- thanks
  8. Rome, thanks a lot for you're advice!! i will ring them first thing in the morning
  9. thanks rob, i'll try that first, just hate ignorant people
  10. hi guys,a while ago i visited a for showroom,looking for a used ford focus,after discussing my requirements with the salesman, he found a car at a different dealership,i was interested and he stated that he could arrange for it to be delivered to that showroom so i could testdrive it,he then asked for a good will gesture of £100 to show my commitment,i payed the sum on my debit card.the next day i saw another focus at a different showroom and purchased the car (£2000 cheaper as well for a newer car!!) i then approached the original dealership and asked for my £100 refunded,i was told to write in,which i did and have heard nothing.does anyone know how i stand? the money was not a deposit to purchase the car,i am thinking of going down there and if they do not refund the money explaining that i will return with the local press taking photos of me outside the dealership and running a story etc Any help or advice would be brilliant as xmas is almost upon us !!
  11. karen and aitken, thanks very much for your help!!
  12. Sorry guys for appearing thick!! the very first letter to be sent, is it the data protection act disclosure request or the dpa subject access request letter-list of charges, i'm confused and have spent lota and lots of time looking in the threads etc Thanks barry:eek:
  13. hi guys, sent off the first letter to abbey today.Over the years they have made thousands from me- mortgage,loans( at least 10 ) endowments, house insurance,etc and then there's the hundreds and hundreds that these people have taken off me over the years in charges. the plan is to recoup all my charges, then close the account.Apart from the charges, i have really noticed a change in the way they operate, right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, they offer a rubbish rubbish service, and as for the overseas call centres, i get sick of having to repeat my account number ten or eleven times............ aarrgghhhhh.Anyway a brilliant site, i have told loads of people about it and how they can reclaim charges, they were totally unaware!!!!!!!!!! Anyway will probably be in touch as my plight develops, and i'll be back to let you all know just how much:lol:
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