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  1. How can Benefits & Revenue Manager claim not to know anythings about Scottish Building Regs or Chargeable dwellings or exempt dwellings under statute
  2. https://www.midlothian.gov.uk/info/161/building_standards/293/obtain_a_completion_certificate Building (Scotland) Act 2003 21Occupation or use without completion certificates (5)Any person who occupies or uses a building to which this section applies (other than solely for the purpose of its construction or conversion)— (a)knowing that no completion certificate has been accepted under section 18(1) in respect of the construction or conversion, or (b)without any regard for whether a completion certificate has been so accepted, is guilty of an offence unless the occ
  3. Wow thanks for the links In court A&BC said there is no exemption from council tax without a completion certificate the only exemptions are if there is a closing order or a demolition order. Quite an astonishing statement to make when every other council has clear policies and guidance on their websites about completion certificates. I have made a full complaint to SPSO and a proposal to Valuation board to delete property from their list. Meanwhile preparing for recall. Clearly some in house conflicts between building control and council tax de
  4. property is not lived in as completion certificate not accepted or refused . That was submitted three years ago. Initially they said I was liable as owner occupier, in court they admitted that I did not live there but was liable as joint owner anyway. They just make it up as they go along and the sheriff doesn't even question it
  5. what are you talking about Freeman of the land???? Occupation for prescribed purposes is allowed ie building the house No Bills no demands for payment no CfP other than one for £2000 no other diligences.. straight to sequestration, moratorium in place, DAS in place ..ignored by sheriff offer to pay CfP ignored What is the point in having Local Government & Finance Act, Debtors Act or Bankruptcy Act if it is allowed to be ignored by sheriff
  6. sequestrated today for non payment of council tax on an exempt property...
  7. A charge for payment lasts for two years apparently. this week in court I offered to pay the charge for payment but the other side refused to accept my offer of payment. Can they refuse my offer? What are the implications of refusing my offer? Can the case continue after refusing my offer?
  8. Thanks! But how long do they last? Is it two years if no diligence executed after the 14 day expires.
  9. Thank you, I thought a VAC appeal was still open to me to dispute the liability. I will get on to this during the week
  10. sorry for typos, 13k correct, back dated.... This is daylight robbery/institutional bullying if they do not have to provide bills to debtor before obtaining a summary warrant and then serve a CfP that the debtor can not dispute rendering them apparently insolvent....
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