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  1. Absolutely no issue at the PO this afternoon. Changed the tax status, accepted my tax payment, took my V5C for post to DVLA in order to receive a new one with proper details. Allllll good. Now just to get insurance tonight and all set. PO staff was very helpful and knowledgeable of the situation, was very painless. Thx again!
  2. Seems reasonable. Thanks for the chat
  3. Yes, MOT done last month and good until the same time 2018. Have the doc for that. All of this said and done, as my other half will be the new keeper... would there be any issue if everything is filled out and signed by her, and I took it to the PO to process? I happen to work literally 2mins from the PO and it would require her to take time off work so we are hoping I can do this for her. Just throwing that out there.
  4. I assume it's the full V5C? Says UK reg Cert Section 5 shows registered keeper details Section 6 I assume I need to fill in completely Section 7 NA as no changes Section 8 declaration to be signed by both parties (of which will not be signed by registered keeper) Section 9 is missing Section 10 I assume I fill out completely (but need disabled status removed) Surely what I have is good enough for the PO to accept, send off to DVLA, remove disabled status, and take my tax money? Then just insurance and bobs my uncle? Haha
  5. Seriously? I can't just go down to the post office with my V5C stuff, get the disabled tax status removed, and taxes paid, Insure it and be good to go? I obviously have no clue but why would I need to apply for a new V5? I bought a car to drive, not sit around for weeks. I also have nowhere to park it other than on the public road in front of my house that I'm permitted for.
  6. Just bought my first car in the UK from a large auto auction and was curious about the V5C document. Do I really need the signature of the registered keeper (previous owner) if purchased through an auction where I have no contact with the previous owner at all? :???:
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